AfriLab Welcomes 27 New Members


Aug. 21, 2020, 5:03 p.m.

AfriLab, a Pan-African network organization, has recently welcomed 27 new members, which has led to an increase in its membership from 198 to 225 across 47 African countries.

The organization seeks to empower emerging tech hubs by building their capacity to support startups and businesses which will lead to a boost in socio-economic development.

The addition of new hubs also marks the extension of AfriLabs reach to 8 new cities and a country, Cabo Verde.

In North Africa, the following hubs were added: IMPACT Lab

  • Savannah Innovation Lab and City of Innovation
  • Research & Development

In West Africa:

  • Ghana Tech Lab
  • Yision Tech Hub
  • The Assembly Innovation Hub,
  • Bayelsa Tech Hub,
  • EBusiness Incubation Center,
  • Kër Thiossane,
  • Itanna
  • Northern Innovation Lab
  • Developers Academy
  • Work and Connect
  • Maio Business Center
  • The Disruptive Lab.

New hubs from South Africa were:

  • The Maker Club
  • The WOW Factory and
  • The Neo Hub join the network from Southern Africa

From East Africa

  • THE LIGHT Universe,
  • E4Impact Accelerator,
  • Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Center,
  • Empretec Mauritius
  • Obuntu Hub

Central Africa also consisted of :

  • Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO)
  • United Advance Development
  • StartOpp Zone
  • SCS Afrique Centrale Innov

Speaking on the admission of new hubs, Executive Director of AfriLabs, Anna Ekeledo, stated that, “our vision is a thriving innovation economy in Africa, driven by the power of our community, and we are happy that more hubs with the same purpose are joining us”.

“The pandemic has affected businesses across the continent in a way nothing has done before, and collaboration through communities like ours is a right step in the right direction” she said.

Malik Khan, founder of Gambian-based hub, Disruptive Lab, expressed his excitement at being included as a new member of AfriLabs “I am excited to be connected within the ecosystem of tech hubs and incubation centres in Africa”.

“We are looking forward to learning from those that have been in the game, the region, and so much more. As you know, we have been operating in Africa for only about 2 yrs, so we have a lot to learn and also have a lot to offer. That’s the excitement we are looking forward to”, he added

AfriLab’s new admissions stands at 55 so far, after adding 28 new members in April.

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