Eight Amazon Workers Die From COVID-19 Yet...


June 28, 2020, 4:47 p.m.

Eight Amazon workers have died as a result of COVID-19. In spite of this, the company has not disclosed the number of employees who have tested positive for the virus.

Amazon has kept workers in the dark and has declined to speak on the matter publicly.

Barbara Chandler, an Amazon Employee says she contracted the virus in March, yet workers were encouraged to show up at work in spite of their condition.

“HR just told me that I should keep it quiet,” Chandler told The Verge back in April about her conversation with her supervisors regarding her positive test results. “That’s all they told me,” she added.

In March, Amazon workers criticized the company for failing to notify employees when their colleagues were diagnosed with the virus. The company now sends text alerts or automated calls when a worker is diagnosed, but the alerts often refer only to “multiple new cases,” so workers have been left to figure out the numbers themselves.

Amazon is determined to maintain its operations throughout the pandemic. Faced with a surge of orders, it hired 175,000 new workers and resisted closing US warehouses where workers tested positive.

Despite the company’s pledge to ensure safety, nothing of that sort has happened.

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