Evina Exposes Malware That Retrieves Facebook Credentials From African Mobile Users

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Aug. 12, 2020, 4:33 p.m.

Evina is an anti-fraud firm that leverages javascript to expose malwares that retrieve login credentials of facebook users.

According to the company, the malware targets only social media users in Africa.

It is embedded in a whole range of applications commonly available for app store download and these include everything from flashlight to wallpaper, pedometer, file manager and video maker apps.

This malware launches a browser that loads Facebook at a time a mobile user is trying to open the platform, by displaying in the foreground the user believes the fraudulent browser is legitimate.

Malware and ransomware has become a common threat to millions of mobile users, causing personal, social and financial consequences.

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For that matter, companies such as Evina are vigilant against mobile malware.

“Fraudsters are everywhere and they are not confined to the DCB sector. Let’s remember once again that victims are not culprits. The app developer, the app store, and all other legitimate players involved are simply innocent victims of fraudsters and their malware. Fortunately, firms like Evina exist to take the battle to the fraudsters themselves,” Lotfi added.

At the moment, Evina has successfully reverse-engineered the errant software. It has also informed Google about the new threat so others could also be protected.

With the rise of cyber-threat, keeping passwords and daily tech gadgets safe is important.

Founded in 2013 by David Lotfi and Matt Oldfield in Paris, Evina SaaS solutions use advanced technology to block fraudulent transactions and advertisements to guarantee the best protection for its customers.

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