Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events


As part of our contribution to enhancing the Startup Eco-System in Ghana and providing the support and public recognition needed for outstanding startups in Ghana to thrive, It is our pleasure to introduce to you Ghana Startup Awards; a flagship initiative of The Startup Network, a subsidiary of … view event


The Ghana Ladies in Tech is a community of tech-savvy entrepreneur ladies engaged in skill development activities that help transform, enhance and enrich their entrepreneurial journeys as well as transforming their businesses into competitive enterprises across the globe.

This year we are Celebrating outstanding female efforts and achievements in … view event


Bra Afrika's Afro Beadtion 2021

Launch and Exhibition

Accra Digital Centre [Ghana Tech Lab Main]

12:01 p.m. - 3 p.m.

This event will have a series of mounted photographic prints that allows you have a deeper appreciation of the intricate symbolism that beads reflect in the African life.

Africa is home to beautiful people with diverse cultures and lifestyles. The continent also houses most mineral resources and as such, … view event


The event would create the platform for employers to explain their organizations’ current job openings, application processes, and all other relevant details about their organizations to prospective employees.

The Digital Jobs Fair 2021 is expected to host over 20 companies and organizations and would see hundreds of attendees participating … view event


Global warming has had dramatic effects on the living culture of African people and the world at large.

In most African cities, unplanned settlement have been one of the significant issues plaguing sustainable development within business ecosystems

In recent years, there’s been a dramatized rise in wildfires which has affected … view event


Over the recent years, fintech has dramatically changed the financial landscape of countries both in and outside Africa. The COVID19 pandemic has further propelled the surge of fintech services in a bid to make seamless payments among individuals, businesses and institutions while observing the protocols. This has led … view event