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June 28, 2020, 4:05 p.m.

Anifa Mvuemba, Designer and Creative Director, has launched her clothing line Hanifa using 3D models.

She showcased the models in a 3D development in clothes of vibrant colors of the Congolese flag to communicate the toils of Africa via on Instagram.

Miss Mvuemba stated that her brand seeks to promote a limitless, feminine and innovative lifestyle that solely focuses on the women that wear them.

She also added that the clothing line is a true reflection of her.

Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as rapper Cardi B, she revealed.

According to her, she already had plans to go digital with her collection before Covid-19 restrictions were put in place around the world.

She said that she had been working for seven months to create the computer-generated models, "designing content using 3D models and now an entire collection has been a complete game changer for me. It actually requires an even greater amount of attention-to-detail for the clothes to fit and look just right."

The designer said that her collection was not just about the clothes but also to create awareness about the Congo mines.

Congo is known for its high produce in cobalt, a mineral used by many tech companies to produce batteries for cell phones and laptops.

Underaged children and women work in these mines under harsh conditions including physical abuse.

Sometimes they are forced to dig for cobalt with nothing but their bare hands.

Inspired by the conditions in her hometown she started the clothing line to create awareness and to encourage African women as well.

The collection is also about shedding light on the mine's situation and comforting affected families.

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