Hacklab Foundation To Host Over 300 Developers For AI Hackathon In Nigeria

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June 17, 2021, 11:19 a.m.

The largest hackathon in West Africa is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria. Developers in Nigeria are called upon on a quest to “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation in Africa” –– the theme of this year’s Hackathon.

The Hacklab Foundation is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Ghana focused on preparing the youth for future digital jobs through technology, education, and skills development. Today, the organization has announced its first-ever hackathon outside of Ghana with support from companies like IBM, Mind the Gap and some tertiary institutions and ecosystem partners.

Since its inception in 2015, they have directly impacted over 10,000 people, organized hackathons, robotics, and coding bootcamps for kids between 7yrs-13yrs. Furthermore, they have supported 500+ women in tech and placed over 800+ youth in jobs.

The Foundation is known for its Annual Hacklab Hackathon hosted in Ghana, which brings together 1000+ participants, including developers, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, development partners, and other stakeholders in technology to meet and discuss critical issues impacting Africa.

Despite the challenges that the global pandemic posed to organizations in 2020 even to date, the Foundation and its partners successfully held its annual hackathon virtually. The succession of the previous hackathons empowers the Foundation to take the next hackathon further by extending the event to Nigeria.

The event is scheduled to take place on the 23rd – 25th of July 2021. The hackathon seeks to generate solutions that will address problems in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence solutions.

As it has been done in previous years, prizes in cash and mentorship by partners will be awarded to teams with the best ideas to help facilitate the implementation of the ideas birthed during the hackathon.

Further details on registration and participation will be available on the organisation’s website and social media platforms

To register a team: please sign up via https://connect.hacklabfoundation.org

Or Download Event App Hacklab Connect for iOS or Android

About the Foundation

The Hacklab Foundation is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in Ghana focusing on preparing the youth for future digital jobs through technology education and skills development. We achieve this through bootcamps, hackathons, mentorship and coaching, internships, digital skills training, and job placement.

Since its inception in 2015, the organization has directly impacted over 10,200 people, organized hackathons, robotics and coding bootcamps for kids between 7yrs - 13yrs, supported 500+ women in tech, 300+ youth were placed in jobs, and 250+ youth were placed in internships.

We believe that creating an equal platform for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, social class, and physical limitations, will allow for a fair chance to compete for the same opportunity. This has been at the core of our initiatives.

For more information on the foundation, visit https://hacklabfoundation.org/.

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