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How A Pan African B2B Ecommerce Startup Is Helping Small African Businesses Penetrate Global Markets


Nov. 1, 2022, 1:33 p.m.

According to data from McKinsey & Co., up to 2.1 million Africans in the diaspora and 7.45 million African Americans in the US and Canada search for and buy African products — food, health products, and clothing.

Can you imagine what could happen if entrepreneurs and business owners on the African continent could tap into the growing demand for African products in the diaspora?

Innovation in cross-border trade with disruptive solutions to trade barriers, especially in Africa, will most likely come from the private sector. Start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses dominate the African private sector in both formal and informal markets. History has shown that governments are not good incubators of innovation; they do not have the flexibility and agility that a small startup has. And therefore, strides in technology and innovation must come from the private sector. This is exactly why Kuueza exists — to open the doors of cross-border trade opportunities to thousands of SMEs across Africa. 

Kuueza is a digital hub and Accra-based tech startup that enables both formal and informal businesses to trade and build their value chains across local and international borders. The entire existence of Kuueza is to make sure African Micro, Small, and Medium businesses (MSMEs) can trade more with one another and enter new markets in the United States and Canada. 

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Kuueza connects buyers to sellers, retailers to consumers, and manufacturers to retailers using a tailor-made mobile and web app and offline version called WeXchange that is focused on business development and the smart application of technology for the informal sector. 

The platform also hosts introductory business courses such as “How to start and run your business” and “How to raise capital for your business.” Kuueza uses a direct sales model, targeting local farmers who engage in commercial agriculture. It provides them with a consistent supply chain mechanism that helps them sell their produce to various stores and supermarkets in over 12 states across the United and 4 states in Canada.

Also, Kuueza develops standardized packaging formats for farmers that meet international requirements for export. Individual farmers can sign up with Kuueza both online and offline to retail their products.

Visit www.kuueza.com for more information, or email info@kuueza.com to get started!

Download the seller or user apps on Google Play Search Kuueza seller/Kuueza user on the Apple store.


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