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July 1, 2020, 3:22 p.m.

An iPhone 7 user in the United States has attempted to sue Apple for $2 trillion. The user claimed that the Cupertino based firm kept his device in 2018 and used it to develop new iOS features when he sent it for repairs.

Raevon Terrell Parker, the plaintiff from the Eastern District of Missouri in the US filed the case in the District Court.

He claimed that the company kept his iPhone even after the repair was completed and used special features in his smartphone to develop new features that were released in the following versions of iOS.

Documents revealed that Parker went to the Apple store in St. Louis Galleria to fix the issue in October 2018. The plaintiff alleged that the store staff issued him a replacement device knowing his original phone was the first to have the new features.

Those new features seem to include a feature that enables the iPhone to communicate with other devices faster and more accurately.

Apparently, those features also helped Apple in “the creation of iOS 12” and “the discovery of the Group Face Time feature.” So, Parker believes that he is due to be compensated for iOS 12 ($1 trillion), the iPhone 7 in question ($1 trillion) summing it up to a total of $2 trillion.

Additionally, Parker had a number of issues with his iPhone 7 repair, including loss of device settings, resetting of passwords, and re-downloading App Store purchases. The earlier case demanded $2 trillion and $900 from Apple.

The $900 charge was for the iPhone 7 rental by Apple. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2019 after the company convinced the judge that the complaint failed to state a motion.

The new lawsuit by Parker oddly claims that he owned patents for iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 13 or later. The plaintiff also wants $1 trillion from Apple for his defamation of character, distress, embarrassment, hospitalizations, humiliation, and travel.

Currently, no date has been set by the court for the lawsuit to proceed against the iPhone maker.

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