South Africa: CyberEcomm Launches ShopESpot, A New ECommerce Platform


Sept. 24, 2020, 2:06 p.m.

CyberEcomm, a South African digital solutions company has launched a new e-Commerce platform ShopESpot.

The e-Commerce platform is an all-in-one shopping platform that enables businesses in South Africa to build an online presence.

Chief Sales and Marketing Director of ShopESpot, Lisa Sukdev, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about disruptive innovation whereby trends, such as shifting business to an online platform, have been accelerated. So much has changed in such a short space of time, and it’s difficult for businesses to keep up at the required rate. CyberEcom developed ShopESpot as a way for any local business to quickly and easily adapt to e-commerce, ensuring they’re not left behind.”

The platform allows businesses to create their website in record time to promote their products and services online.

However, businesses that already have a website can seamlessly migrate their site onto the ShopESpot platform.

With ShopESpot, businesses can showcase up to 1000 items on their Website. The platform also provides a collection facility for consumers and give purchased items for delivery and pickup.

Also, ShopESpot provides 3D card payments, which eliminates cybercrime either on the business owner or consumer.

Business owners can choose from three packages, basic, standard, and premium package, depending on their requirements or size.

The e-commerce platform has “The Customer Relationship Management (CRM)” dashboard to give companies valuable data and insights to improve customer service and sales.

“We are rapidly heading away from physical stores towards a much more engaging online presence in South Africa, and this has many benefits for both retailers and consumers. With ShopESpot, we are looking to make this a hassle-free transition that continues to simplify business operations for all parties,” Sukdevi added.

Customers have been given an a14-day trial and will get a ShopESpot consult designer at a reduced price.

CyberEcomm provides an e-commerce solution with a mobile app with the tools needed to manage a business online and control customer engagement through the Web or social media.

Source: Ouut Africa

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