Anubis Gaming Secures $300K In Latest Seed Funding Round


Sep. 17, 2020

Egyptian esports organisation Anubis Gaming has secured $300,000 (~£234,297) in its latest round of seed funding.A regional e-commerce group is the source of the investment, which comes after a separate seed round last month saw … read more


South Africa : Cash Crusaders Introduce E-commerce Platform


Sep. 15, 2020

South African startup, Cash Crusaders which retails both new and second-hand goods, has introduced an e-commerce platform dubbed, ‘Click & Collect’.Click & Collect helps individuals to take their retail businesses online especially in these times … read more


Meet Hope Tech +, A Company That Helps Visually Impaired People Move Freely


Sep. 07, 2020

Seeking to curb the daily struggles faced by visually impaired people while they use white canes, Brian Mwenda, an electronic engineer has launched Hope Tech +. read more


Egypt: AIdoctor Startup Expands Its Reach Across The Country

Aug. 28, 2020

AIdoctor, an e-health platform based in Egypt, has recently expanded its services across the country.The expansion is to facilitate the accessibility of quality healthcare.The platform is a doctor in your pocket app that allows patients … read more


Nigeria: Waziki Launches An Online Free Symptom Checker


Aug. 19, 2020

A Nigerian health tech startup by name Waziki has introduced a free Symptom Checker, a platform that provides affordable, accessible, and quick health care support to every individual in the country. read more


South African Agricultural Services Company Launches Axl

Aug. 18, 2020

AFGRI Agri Services has launched Axl, a new agri-tech platform that allows farmers to find,rent and pay for agricultural equipment through a secure online portal. read more