Sell For Free On Flutterwave Store


Dec. 14, 2021

The trade fair aims to support small businesses and help them increase sales by providing a free e-commerce store, point of sales (POS) capabilities and access to willing shoppers. read more


DP World Launches E-Commerce Platform in Kenya

Press Release

Nov. 09, 2021 is an innovative online marketplace that will help unlock access to global markets for Kenyan businesses, with fulfillment through DP World’s worldwide ports and logistics network read more


Developing Ghana Through E-commerce And On Demand Services


Mar. 11, 2021

Once upon a time, there lived a country that was so rich in culture, tradition and natural resources. This country was blessed with great people, very hardworking and hospitable. It kept growing and developing gradually … read more

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E- commerce , The New Normal


Feb. 19, 2021

Once upon a time, life was normal and although everything wasn’t perfect, we were just okay.Then from nowhere, a pandemic started in the outside world and it seemed far from us. Before we knew it, … read more


Uber Purchases Drizly, An Alcohol Delivery Service

Uber has purchased Drizly, an alcohol delivery service for $1.1 billion in stocks and in cash. read more


Japanese Online Retailer Launches ’Tech Specs’ To Help Customers Get Skin Tone Right When Buying Makeup

Zozoglass", a pair of spectacles covered with color swatches and markers, detects skin tone when scanned with a smartphone for tailored cosmetics recommendations on Zozotown, Japan's biggest online fashion site. read more