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4 Most Funded African Gaming Startups


Mar. 15, 2023

Metaverse Magna is a Nigerian-based blockchain gaming platform and an African gaming community incubated by Nestcoin read more


3D Gamified Business Processes Are The Future

Press Release

Nov. 30, 2022

Imagine a world where shopping was like playing your favourite video game. An immersive and exciting experience that transports you into a beautiful, interactive world where you could try on clothes, discover new products, and … read more


Paradise Game And Visa Launch “The Money Kings”, A Gamification Program To Equip 200,000 Young Africans with Financial Knowledge


Nov. 29, 2022

Paradise Game (ParadiseGame.net), a beacon for esports and edtech in Africa, initiated with VISA, a regional program to promote financial education to equip 200,000 young Africans with economic, budgetary and financial knowledge. read more


Maliyo Games Trains A New Generation Of Game Developers In Ghana, Kenya & Nigeria

Press Release

Jan. 01, 2022

The five-month virtual program took entry-level developers in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria through a project-based course alongside mentoring from games industry professionals worldwide read more


Four African Gaming Studios Launch The First Pan-African Mobile Game, Mama Atingi Shop


Dec. 30, 2021

Their signature title, Mama Atingi Shop, is a ‘Serious Game’, designed to teach young adults popular concepts in African entrepreneurship read more