10 AI Copywriting Tools That Content Writers Can Use In 2022


Feb. 7, 2022, 11:03 a.m.

Content writers currently extensively use AI to produce engaging content for the audience.

Creating a marketing copy is not an easy task for copywriters and businesses. Creating high-quality and engaging content that educates, trains, and inspires readers will bring profits and customer engagement to the brands’ social media pages. Many marketers and business owners struggle with high-quality content since much is on their plate. And sometimes, even professional copywriters struggle with producing quality content that will get the readers’ attention. So, integrating AI-based copywriting tools may ease a lot of pressure on professional copywriters and enable business owners to create attractive ad copies according to their preferences. The results that top AI copywriting tools yield are not just creating and for creating and drafting content but also for generating excellent sales copy. Here is a list of the top AI copywriting tools that content and copywriters can use in 2022.


Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used AI copywriting tools among content and copywriters. The platform is extremely easy to use and has several features, including the ability to detect grammatical errors in real-time. The premium version also includes a plagiarism detector, scanning over eight billion web pages to avoid content theft.


This CopyAI tool helps the users get over the most dreaded problem for all writers, which is writer’s block. CopyAI can help writers complete critical tasks like writing attractive product descriptions or social media captions. The users can input their ideas and the tool will yield good results. They can also insert more information to make the samples more relevant for a targeted audience, occasion, and promotion.


Jarvis is one of the best AI-based copywriting tools that are user-friendly and can be extensively used by professional copywriters. It offers a variety of features that help in generating engaging content that is high in quality. Jarvis can also be used to create blog posts, emails, banners, content for blog posts, and sales pages.


ShortlyAI works as a professional copywriter and is a great content generator. This tool provides services like training an AI writer for any project like blogs, novels, and short stories. With the help of ShortlyAI, content creators do not have to worry about deadlines or topic ideas and can seamlessly create unique content for the readers.

Word Hero

Word Hero is an artificial intelligence technology that uses natural language generation to create text-based content for companies. Businesses with a large customer base can use the platform in different ways to produce text-based content for them. This also includes social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, etc. Word Hero is the best platform for entrepreneurs and business owners who have customers demanding personalised interactions.

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Nichesss allows its users to generate business ideas, find out what kind of business they would have, and generate the right content. The users can generate content for ads on Facebook, social media posts, and other stuff. Nichesss is extremely user-friendly and is also quite accessible price-wise, which separates this AI copywriting tool from the rest available in the market.

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI-powered writer that can automate high-quality content with a human touch. All articles are created by the deep learning AI and are 100% unique, ensuring that they are not copied or plagiarised. The platform takes the input from the users and generates readable and intriguing content for the readers.


Copysmith is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to create various types of marketing content. This AI tool will help the users to create a fantastic ad copy within a short period. It can be used to get blog ideas, introductions, product and meta descriptions, and others.


Kafkai is based on machine learning algorithms created to generate content for marketers and bloggers. This tool is specially designed for online writers and high-volume websites that wish to produce unique content every day. Writers can generate content in seven different languages.


Headlime is another tool that makes marketing content readable and intriguing. It also makes headlines and ads interesting, making them more engaging for people. The tool is powered by PowerAI and can perform activities like designing and generating SEO for clients.


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