10 Photo Editing Tools For Photographers in 2022


Oct. 24, 2022, 12:48 p.m.

Photography used to be just a hobby, but now many people are making a career. With the advent of digital Photography, it has become easier than ever to take great photos.

Despite the growth in the love to take pictures among the young and old worldwide, not everyone can make a career out of their hobby. It takes the help of some top software to shape views into being great.

If you're looking to turn your passion for Photography into a career, you'll need to have some of the best photo editing software tools to help your job become more effective.

The best photo editing software is improving at a faster rate than ever before. The abundance of AI intuitive has made tasks that took hours now use just one click.

The known photo editing software familiar to many is Photoshop. This article is going to discuss some of the most popular and affordable editing tools.

Adobe Photoshop

The second editing program included in Adobe's Photography Plan is Photoshop. This program furthers your photo editing with limitless editing control and manipulation abilities. Photoshop has been known for manipulating and enhancing images, but there is more to it. With this program, you get added color and exposure adjustments not found in Lightroom. I've always found it a perfect way to take my photo to the next level beyond the first adjustments in Lightroom. Beyond photo editing, Photoshop is capable of any graphic design needs. If you run your own photography business and have been wondering where to make your graphics, Photoshop is a great place to start.

Adobe Lightroom

A lightroom is an excellent tool for photographers wanting an easy and effective way to edit their images. This program has an easy-to-understand layout that feels intuitive and natural even for first-timers. It's easy to manage thousands of photos at once, allowing you to sort and edit images in bulk quickly. The beauty of this program is that the learning curve is not very steep, making it super easy to learn. If you want a program to start leveling up your images without the stress of learning complicated tools, Lightroom is your answer.

Skylum Luminar 4

Luminar is a photo editing program powered by AI technology that offers unique features with typical exposure and color adjustments. It allows you to automatically make more brilliant adjustments based on the components in your images. With Luminar, you can do complicated tasks like skin smoothing, blemish removal, sky replacements, and composites with a button.

Luminar can be used as a stand-alone photo editing program or in conjunction with whatever schedule you currently use. This way, you can still take advantage of the powers of AI adjustments regardless of your preferred editing software.

This program costs just $89, and you have it for life. I highly recommend this program to anyone who does not want to pay monthly fees or have a simpler editing workflow. After you check out the free trial of Luminar, you'll see why this is a must-have tool for photographers.

Pixlr Editor

Although you can download a desktop or mobile app, the Pixlr Editor is another great online photo editing software alternative. There's even the option to upgrade to "Pixlr X" if you're looking for a more advanced editing option.

Pixlr's interface is similar to Photoshop! The workspace is a bit simpler because it doesn't have quite as many tools, but the general layout looks the same.

Envira Gallery is the best WordPress Gallery plugin.

You can view your layers and editing history on panels on the right of the workspace and choose from a variety of editing tools from a left-hand vertical toolbar.


Inkscape is another 100% free piece of editing software perfect for budding photographers. You can download it on Windows or Mac or access the source code if you want to put it into your own app.

Like Photoshop, Inkscape is designed to give you complete control over your images, whether you want to clone objects, manipulate the colors in your pictures or overlay text.


PortraitPro is a professional image editor designed for photographers specializing in portrait photography.

The application includes everything you might need to edit skin tone, remove blemishes or wrinkles from your subject's face, add makeup, and more. Also, it allows you to add effects to fix things like poor lighting or get rid of sagging cheeks.

New, built-in interactive tutorials make this program super easy to use, especially if you already know how you want your finished photo to look. PortraitPro saves your progress as you work through these tutorials, so you always know how your photo editing skills are improving!

DxO PhotoLab 4

DxO PhotoLab is a solid alternative photo editor. It converts your RAW images to JPG smoothly and works great with Mac and Windows operating systems.

This photo editing and organizing system come with customizable interface options, presets, color protection, and multiple export formats to accomplish all your tasks in one place. Of course, those perks come alongside many exciting and helpful features.

DxO PhotoLab offers a suite of processing and correction tools that meet the needs of real photographers.

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PicMonkey is a complete graphic design package that allows you to edit photos, make collages, apply touch-ups, crop, and more. It will help you develop your design skills and bring creativity to edit your images easily.

With a free trial, you can test out all of PicMonkey's unique features before you make any purchases. Try using PicMonkey to edit your photos using specific templates or arrange your images into a collage.

Like Canva, PicMonkey's tools help you turn your stunning photos into works of graphic design marvels! While you can use PicMonkey to make basic photo adjustments, including brightness and other touch-ups, this program shines when used to add visual elements.


Snappa is an online graphics and design software for photographers who want to transform their images into something more.

Maybe you're looking to convert your pictures into social media banners or photos for your blog. Snappa will help you to transform your images by adding new dimensions and effects with ease. And you don't even have to download anything to get started.

Snappa promises "no learning curve," so this program is perfect for beginner photo editors and designers. The easily-accessible upper horizontal toolbar contains all the primary tools you'll need to transform your image, including effects, text, and graphics. Select a device and set your customizations in the sidebar panel that opens.


Fotor is a famous cloud-based photo editing software with over 300 million users. You can use a free desktop version of the software, with contains the same features available on its online photo editing platform.

Also, you can check the effects on your photos with scalable editing options. It has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to open RAW files and combine images in layers.

The cloud-based software allows you to save incomplete designs for future editing. That way, you can start from where you left the work. All you need to do is upload your images onto the website, and you can begin editing, creating designs, and more.


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