22 Year Old Nigerian Offered Employment In Finland After Photos Of His Inventions Went Viral


Aug. 26, 2021, 7:59 p.m.

Thanks to the power of social media, a 22 year old Nigerian Ignatus Asabor has been offered employment in Finland by Radai. The Finnish company specializes in drone-based environmental and geophysical measurement services.

This happened right after Ari Saartenoja, the Managing Director of Radai, cited Asabor’s inventions on Facebook.

Asabor is a drone maker who uses local materials to build drones. His latest invention, which has caused so much sensation, is a drone for agricultural purposes. The crop duster RC model is a custom-made fixed-wing that can help local farmers with crop dusting and can also be helpful to firefighters. The drone maker built the first prototype for this drone in 2019.

Asabor’s interest in robotics began when he was only 9. He started by building small cars from cardboard and other materials which he collected from scrap yards. The drone maker expressed his dissatisfaction with little achievements so he sought to be more ambitious. It was on this curve that his interest shifted to drones, custom-made airplanes, and other robotics systems.

“I started making videos about my drone projects in 2016 when I got my first smartphone. I posted some videos and photos on Facebook, along with short write ups about my projects.I created my Instagram account in 2017 but didn’t get much traction. But this year, I created my TikTok account, @ignatiusasabor0, and at once, my visibility and growth increased tremendously. I have more than 200,000 followers on TikTok now, and my Instagram following is also steadily increasing.”


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“I built several prototypes and I was improving the quality of the system step by step. After several crashes, I finally managed to build my first working custom-made crop duster RC model. Many people in other countries offered support for my project, including Radai. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any support from Nigeria. Radai is the first company to offer me a work contract.”

Saartenoja posted the photograph of Asabor’s arrival to Oulu, Finland, and expressed optimism that the Nigerian will strengthen the survey operations of his team in the future.

“Ignatius Asabor, a young Nigerian drone talent has just arrived to Finland, Oulu,” Saartenoja said.

“Ignatius will strengthen Radai’s survey team in future and bring more international expertise in the field. Welcome, Ignatius Asabor to the Radai Team!”


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