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360 Ghanaian Females To Undergo Training In The National Female Pre-Tech Program


Feb. 19, 2021, 12:47 p.m.

Two leading tech companies, Ghana Tech Lab, and Soronko Academy have partnered to offer digital media skills to Ghanaian females in its National Pre-tech Program.

The collaborative effort of the companies is to train 360 females per cohort with competent digital media skills, with support from 15 other hubs and Mastercard Foundation.

According to the Program Coordinator of the National Pretech Program, Miss Baaba Simpson, the training will see to it that these young females are equipped with fundamental ICT skills and soft skills training such as entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, and networking.

‘‘The gender-sensitive curriculum of the program will serve as a medium to increase interest and confidence in tech skills in these females. This will pave way for these young ones to access internships and dignifying jobs in the technology space and leading industries,’’ Miss Simpson disclosed.

The Program Coordinator added that this forms part of the companies objectives is to create opportunities for females to start their own business and play important roles in the country.

Digital skills have now become the range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information and as such, the need to help these females understand opportunities that come with them and carve career paths using their tech skills.

These skills will serve as fundamentals of the Advanced Tech Courses for the Base Program, the companies annual program where individuals are coached into being entrepreneurs.

The Pilot Phase of the National Pre Tech Training Program was successfully completed in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab where 5 hubs served as project implementation partners in addition to Soronko Academy with support from Mastercard Foundation, World Bank, and Ministry of Communications. 

Generally, 115 females who graduated from the program were able to create their own websites as they took lessons in HTML, Python, Javascript, CSS, etc. The program was able to increase the interest in advanced tech skill training as a number of them built a website for their startups.

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