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World Emoji Day: 6 Emojis We Wished Existed


July 16, 2021, 7:51 p.m.

Texting has become quite cumbersome these days and the remedy people have adopted for that is an emoji or sticker. We literally halt conversations just to find the perfect emoji that depicts our moods or thoughts. WhatsApp has done a great job to roll out several emojis but we still need more.

In line with World Emoji Day, here are six emojis we wished existed to make texting more fun.

The “we irritating” emoji


The “we irritating” moment is when a situation, action, or conversation causes the uncontrollable urge to place your hand over the top half of your face. The “we irritating” phrase gained publicity when two girls posted their images on Twitter covering their faces with their hands with the caption "We Irritating.” The image became an exploitable most popular meme on Twitter and Instagram in 2019, as people edited the photo and changed the caption a lot of times. This will definitely be an interesting emoji to use on friends or “ an annoying boss” (gulps)*.

The polite middle finger emoji


The polite middle finger emoji is the perfect description of “with all due respect yet, an insult follows.” Combining the middle finger with the warmest of smiles is the politest way of agreeing to disagree or, simply put, “saying thanks but no thanks.” As much it is tempting to use this on our superiors I would very much advise that it is used strictly on friends.

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The happy-sad clown face


I wrote a quote that says: we are souls with scars, the mask helps us all. I have realized that happy people are also the saddest people on earth. They make everyone laugh but themselves. Their default answer to every question is “I’m ok.” The sad clown represents a melancholic reality hidden underneath the happy façade. The emoji is used to symbolize tragedy or depression hiding behind a happy facade. Most people put on this facade and it would be easier if this emoji was available for texts.

Angry face with three hearts emoji


Have you ever been angry at a loved one yet, you cannot stop yourself from loving them? Well, this emoji is the perfect one to express yourself with if you ever find yourself in such a situation. The emoji is used to express annoyance, hurt, anger, but at the same time, the heart is affectionate towards the other party.

Surprised look with dark shades


Have you ever had to keep your cool about something even though it was a total surprise for you? The emoji with dark shades is usually used to convey the slang sense of cool. It is often also used to depict confidence, a carefree attitude, or something excellent.

The work-life emoji


The work-life emoji is an automated response for people who are crammed with work and school. It is also a nice way of ghosting out on friends and social events. When asked to attend that event or party, you could decline with this emoji, and they will understand that you are neck-deep in work or school projects.


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