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A World Cup With Innovation: Qatar To Display High Technology At The Mundial


Nov. 3, 2022, 3:33 p.m.

A few days before the 2022 World, The World is set to witness some innovative and technological devices.

Host nation Qatar has lined up some innovative devices to aid the tournament as part of ways to make this year's football festival a success.

The Arabic nation will be hosting the FIFA world cup for the first time, and Qatar is ensuring an experience like no other for fans and players alike.

Look at the technological innovations that will wow the fans, players and more during the 2022 World Cup.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology

According to FIFA, the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins on November 21 and will feature semi-automated offside technology. This tool will assist the on-field and video match officials in making quicker, more precise, and repeatable offside rulings on the grandest stage. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, when VAR was implemented, FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated in The Vision 2020–23 that FIFA would work to utilize technology in football fully and further develop VAR.

Revolutionary World Cup ball

Like the past World Cups, the 2022 competition will have a unique football, which is revolutionary this time. Qatar World Cup will introduce 'Al RIhla,' Arabic for the journey, the all-new extreme world cup ball.

It will also present a technology used for the first time. The ball will relay real-time data to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) officials.

Al Rihla will also support the FIFA semi-automated offside rule, which fully uses the motion sensor within the ball.

Advance Stadium Cooler

Some stadiums for the World Cup will feature Advanced Cooling Tech - a revolutionary technology that will keep the atmosphere inside the stadium cooled. There will be an energy centre near the stadium, from where chilled water is brought in a pipeline to the venue. Once it arrives, cold air is pushed onto the field of play and spectator seating areas.

The first time of its kind that such a technology is set to be experienced at the Mundial.

Sensory-Sensitive Rooms

For young spectators with autism or sensory processing disorders, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will offer sensory viewing areas. The area will provide a secure location for spectators to unwind and take in the games! A ton of supplementary devices are accessible to make the experience enjoyable. They can stay focused in a relaxed setting with the aid of fidget gadgets and visually appealing components.

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Bonocle and Feelix Palm

The first Braille entertainment platform in the world, Bonocle provides access to digital content for those who are blind or visually impaired. All information on the forum will be converted to Braille, enabling visually impaired supporters to follow along and take in the World Cup in Qatar like everyone else.

Additionally, the Feelix palm is a tactile palm communicator. The Feelix will provide braille-like communications to the blind using electrical impulses. The palm communicator will restrict no other senses or bodily motion. It is an extremely practical wearable that will help all soccer enthusiasts enjoy the World Cup!

Intelligent Charging Stations (ELPALM)

ElPalm will also be unveiled at the World Cup in Qatar. A wind turbine with solar panels will harness the power of the wind and sun. It will cover the fans and be furnished with USB charging stations, speakers for disseminating important information, and adverts. To keep all the fans connected while they are resting, the Palm will also provide Wi-Fi.


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