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An E-commerce Platform Is Using AR To Transform Online Shopping Experience


Aug. 6, 2021, 11:10 a.m.

South African e-commerce app, Reka online marketplace, is set to revamp the online retail experience as Africa’s first Augmented Reality (AR) online shopping platform.

As many South Africans remain in their homes due to the Covid-19 lockdown, online shopping is the go-to for many. Reka wants to change consumer behaviour and online buying patterns by bringing a hyper-realistic in-store buying experience for Gen Z and millennial consumers.

“Through AR technology, customers are able to interact with merchants’ products and offerings in ways previously never seen before,” said Nii-Odartey Mills, Reka Founder and Product Development Lead.

Through avatars & AR technology, Reka online shoppers can ‘try on’ preferred items and outfits from their favourite brands and stores.

Furniture customers are also able to place desired furniture items in their existing unique spaces without ever having to leave their homes.

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“For the first time, shoppers can share their looks via the avatar they create to all social media platforms and WhatsApp, allowing for real-time feedback and approval from friends and family on the items they want to purchase,” said Vickus Nel, Reka Founder, and Design Lead.

The platform is set to launch in September 2021 on all major app stores on IOS and Android.

“We’re extremely excited to launch Reka and show the country what we’ve been working on over the past year and move the South African e-commerce industry forward in a manner that the youth can buy into,” express the pioneering Reka founders, Nii-Odartey Mills and Vickus Nel.


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