Apimetrics And Finextra Launch Open Access Fintech, Open Banking And Crypto API Data Dashboard


Dec. 14, 2021, 2:03 p.m.

Finextra Research and APImetrics - the industry’s only analytics-driven API performance solution provider - have collaborated to offer the first open-access dashboard that will monitor the real-world performance of fintech, open banking, PSD2 payments and crypto APIs.

Live on Finextra, the dashboard presents the activity of the top 30 regulated open banking brands and 36 leading crypto exchanges operating in the UK.

Further, as the financial services sector shifts toward an API-centric model for service provision and the performance of APIs becomes critical, the dashboard showcases the importance of better performance monitoring for banks, fintechs, developers and consumers and the need to accelerate API improvement cycles.

All APIs are ranked based on quality, pass rate and speed, and the best and worst performers in each category are highlighted in accordance with APImetrics’ proprietary credit rating-like scoring methodology.

Developers can utilise the dashboard by adding their APIs to track their performance and help build data on a substantial collection of APIs to compare their activity with. With the data being generated by APImetrics’ core platform, historical performance data and more detailed results going back years are also available.

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Steve Ellis, CEO of Finextra, said: “We aim to supply financial innovators with the knowledge and insights they need to inform their innovations while also creating a forum for industry conversations around these topics. It is in that spirit that we partnered with APImetrics to bring our community of 40,000 fintech professional members and 800,000 monthly readers the data they need to see how the APIs they are building or may be consuming stack up.”

David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics, added: “The Open Banking movement, by definition, cannot operate in the dark. Every developer and innovator has a shared interest in seeing how their APIs measure up in the real world to raise the collective bar of the entire ecosystem. We’re excited to be partnering with Finextra to, for the first time, provide open access to financial API performance data, highlighting the resilience and health of the live solutions relied upon by millions of consumers every day.”

O’Neill continued: “APIs are driving the next wave of fintech innovation ushering in a new, more open and embedded financial ecosystem. Yet, this next generation of financial apps and customer experience hinge on the APIs they use being fast, reliable and trusted by developers and consumers alike.”

The monitoring dashboard is viewable on the Finextra website at:


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