Ghana Fintech Outlook Report 2021

Arkel Consult And Abjel Communications To Launch Ghana Fintech Outlook Report

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Nov. 18, 2021, 10:37 a.m.

Arkel Consult and Abjel Communications, in a press briefing on Tuesday, November 17, 2021, announced November 19th and 20th, 2021, as the dates for the Ghana Fintech Outlook(GFO) 2021 Conference and the Ghana Fintech Awards and Dinner Night, respectively, at the Best Western Premier Hotel, Airport, Accra-Ghana.

The GFO project, introduced in 2020, seeks to educate the Ghanaian masses on how to work together as an ecosystem and transform the financial status of Ghana through digitalization which is one of the landmarks resolves of the present government. The project also aims at giving public businesses a competitive edge in this technological era. The GFO project consists of fintech ecosystem mapping, whose results will be launched at the conference.

Ghana Fintech Outlook Conference and What to Expect

The conference, dubbed “Promoting Collaborations and Accelerated Investments in Ghana’s Fintech Ecosystem,” will bring together the financial sector experts, regulators, and internationally recognized industry leaders to discuss the role of fintechs in Ghana’s burgeoning economy.

Speakers will look at case studies and approaches to enhance the financial inclusion and digital financial literacy agenda. At the awards ceremony, the event will also recognize the efforts of local and international fintech companies at the forefront of digital transformation in the financial sector.

In an Interview with DT Africa, Mr. Martin Kwame Awagah, Director of Arkel Consult and Management Services Limited, said, “No economy has developed without reliable data on the various sectors of the economy. This is why the Ghana Fintech Outlook 2021 Report project is crucial. The report is a culmination of years of research. We are proud that this will become the foundation of the fintech database in Ghana. Our gratitude goes to our sponsors and supporters, and we look forward to developing the database to capture emerging changes.”

Panamax Inc. Zeepay Ghana Limited, BPC Banking Technologies, Brassica Pay, EziPay, DreamOval, MTN Mobile Money Limited,, People’s Pension Trust, and Tarragon Edge are the official sponsors. The current Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately exacerbated the visible trend in Ghana’s fintech ecosystem and payment sector.

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Mr. Martin Kwame Awagah - Director of Arkel, consult, stated that Ghana’s traditionally cash-driven economy responds well to new opportunities within fintech globally. And this is primarily driven by the surge in e-commerce and smartphone penetration.

Adisa Amanor- Wilks - Director of Abjel communications, reiterated the importance of The GFO report in driving the ecosystem. She stated that for every economy to develop and any sector to accelerate action, keeping data and tabs on the sector’s development trajectory is vital. This project, according to Adisa, needs to be supported because of the disruptions tech has caused in many sectors. “Covid 19 has shown how technology can be a greater driver of good if it’s used and accessed well. The GFO report aims to create a benchmark for Ghanaians and the entire continent, also to a much larger scale, the world to inform all these players about the fintech sector in Ghana and serve as a document that can subsequently be referred to,” she said.

In 2020 when the World Bank made a report on the effects of the pandemic on remittances across the World, the World Bank stated that they could not provide accurate data for certain sub-Sahara African states because there was no data available. Hence the importance of this project is to give access to the IMF, World Bank, and other multinational institutions to tap into the data to back some of the assertions that they make.

About the Organizers

Arkel Limited:

Arkel is a performance improvement consultancy and sustainable solutions management company specializing in assisting clients in developing and improving their operations with cutting-edge technology while developing agreeable strategies. The services offered by Arkel Limited cover a broad spectrum involving fintech advisory and management, financial analysis and budgetary advisory, market research and data analysis, program and project management, and general business operational advisory services.

Abjel Communications:

Abjel Communications is a branding, content, and media relations consulting agency. Abjel works with clients to boost their communications and reach as strategists, innovators, and expert storytellers.

The firm was recently recognized as one of the top 50 tech PR companies globally, according to Techround and Leading Experts in Social Enterprise Communications 2021, winners in this year’s Greater London Enterprise Awards.

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