Can Artificial Intelligence Protect Us From Hackers?

Artificial intelligence is helping us in many sectors especially cybersecurity. Many of the scanning processes are automated. It is difficult to compromise the AI system.

Artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans according to Wikipedia.

Some examples of artificial intelligence are robo readers, spam filters and plagiarism checkers.

Security experts have conducted a lot of research to harness the capabilities of AI and incorporate it into security solutions.

Artificial intelligence not only improves security posture but it also automates detection and response processes. This cuts on the finances and time used in human-driven intervention processes. Some of these methods used in preventing hackers from hacking to systems are;

  • Modeling user behavior
  • Applying AI in antivirus products
  • Automated network and system analysis
  • Scanning emails.

Modeling user behavior: Most organisations use AI to model and monitor user behaviors. This is done to ensure interactions of users with their products. Whenever a different user uses the account the AI powered system immediately locks the user out because it has detected an unusual pattern in activities. There have been instances google has asked us to verify or asked to request permission before viewing some sites. This is a safety measure to prevent hacking.

Applying AI antivirus products: Antivirus tools with AI capabilities is able to detect network or system anomalies by identifying unusual behaviors exhibited by the user. These antivirus tools immediately block the user from using the system. Such tools are Avast, Cylance smart antivirus, Deep Instinct D Check, Windows Defender Security Center etc.

Automated network and system analysis: Network automation is a methodology in which software automatically configures, provides,manages and tests network devices. It is used by enterprises and service providers to keep tabs on systems, boost efficiency and reduce human error. The system analyst is a problem solving technique that improves the system and ensures that all the components of the system works efficiently. All these methods ensure continuous monitoring hence immediately alerts the system when there is an anomaly.

Scanning emails: Cybercriminals prefer email communications as the primary delivery technique for malicious links and attachments used to conduct phishing attacks. With email scanning technology, organisations automatically review every email message to check for viruses, malware or spam. Importantly, scanning solutions can evaluate links and attachments that may be part of a ransomware attack.

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