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Capacity Building Of Women Essential To Strengthening Startups in Kumasi- Ghana Startup Ecosystem Findings



Aug. 26, 2020, 11:23 a.m.

Women continue to play a vital part in strengthening and boosting Ghana’s Startup Ecosystem. According to the second edition of the Mastercard Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship (MIWE), 46.4 % of business owners in Ghana are women. The figure is encouraging considering that this has created numerous employment opportunities for the youth.

Women are playing a vital role in the Startup Ecosystem in the Ashanti region. Aside from creating opportunities, women entrepreneurs continue to serve as relevant role models for young women who are considering business as an option.

Findings from the ecosystem mapping program carried out by Ghana Tech Lab (GTL), revealed that building the capacity of female entrepreneurs in Kumasi, is key to developing the startup ecosystem in the city and the Ashanti Region as whole.

This is highlighted in the Media & Culture Pillar Report on the Ghana Startup Ecosystem website, which would be launched by Ghana Tech Lab in September 2020.

GTL conducted the mapping earlier this year in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation under the Young Africa Works initiative (YAW) to create 30 million jobs in Africa by 2030, with support from the World Bank.

According to the report, 7.7 percent of the Media and Culture pillar of the Ghana Startup Ecosystem represented in Kumasi. It indicated that most women under the pillar, invest maximum effort into putting up their own businesses ranging from ecommerce, trading, fashion designing as well as hair styling and food business.

It also credited women as playing a role in steering the affairs of the city especially in the business culture of buying and selling

However, aside financial challenges, the report also indicated that women were not receiving capacity building trainings and mentorship programs to further boost their skills and scale their businesses.

By extension, it went further to explore how the media and cultural landscape impacted startups in Kumasi. The Media and Culture landscape in the region is also directly linked to the matrilineal lineage of the Asantes. The findings on the Ghana Startup Ecosystem Website, indicated that ‘‘women play a key role in the selling of Kente in the Ashanti Region.’ The weaving however is done by men but marketing and sales and done solely by women. When given access to finance and capacity building will go a long way to push women to support the startup ecosystem, the findings further revealed.

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Similarly the report discovered a vibrant media and cultural environment that is also in dire need of support in terms of funding, logistics, and capacity building in order to further develop its support of startups in Kumasi.

It was realized that the majority of entrepreneurs in the township promoted their businesses through traditional media such as radio stations and online media using social media platforms.

In terms of culture, the report stated that entrepreneurs in the region leveraged the Kente weaving tradition to create employment opportunities for themselves.

As a recommendation, the report suggested the creation of more marketing platforms, capacity building of businesses and the use of social media as a means to create brand awareness for startups.

A total of twelve organizations including media houses and innovative centers were captured in the mapping to provide data on the media and culture pillar of the ecosystem mapping.

Ultimately, Kumasi placed second on the overall ranking system metrix out of 11 eleven regions.

The 2020 ecosystem mapping was carried out in 11 regions across the country. Apart from the partners, the ecosystem mapping team from Ghana Tech Lab also worked in collaboration with 13 tech hubs located in different regions of Ghana.

Further details on the 2020 National Ecosystem Mapping can be found here.

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