Clifton Manneh, founder, Konduct Coach Learning

Clifton Manneh Is Offering The Youth And Professionals Real-World Courses With His Edtech Platform


Feb. 28, 2022, 2:20 p.m.

Clifton Manneh is a self-serving leader motivated to create real-world solutions like Konduct Coach Learning (KCL) to serve others. He grew up in a community where technology, opportunities, and access to basic stuff wasn’t possible. He told himself he would leave his community, learn skills and create a service that would offer opportunities and resource for youth development.

“My mom was the eldest of her siblings growing up. So being the eldest in a traditional West African home, she had to stay home, cook, clean and watch after her siblings. Through that, my mom perfected her craft in cooking traditional West African food. When we immigrated to Staten Island, NY, she used those skills to start an organic community-based restaurant. I got my early introduction into entrepreneurship, supply and demand, the importance of diversity, and community organising through that. When I went off to college, I told myself I would create a service where students can learn real-world skills and apply them to and become the best version of themselves, Clifton told DT Africa.”

Before KCL, Clifton started a digital media startup company named National Speaking Society (NSS), which celebrates humanity and many different cultures. Clifton ran the platform for five years and grew it to 12,500 active followers with 500,000 monthly engagements. In growing (NSS) followers, Clifton crafted various monetisation schemes in furthering its growth and maturity.

His product, Konduct Coach Learning, is an interactive skill-based marketplace that offers real-world courses to combat real-world problems. KCL equips users with essential skills that they apply to their everyday lives to find internships, provide for themselves, give back to their communities, and expand their horizons.

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Currently raising its pre-seed funding, the startup’s platform leverages Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), E-learning and cohort-based curriculums that are easy to use and have courses that a 1-2hrs long and are project-based.

KCL has a massive presence in the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Canada, UK etc., with a user-base of 24k users in Liberia, Nigerian, and Ghana.

“Our biggest goal is to scale to other countries, generate revenue and IPO soon. We are currently running a skills cohort-based initiative in Monrovia, Liberia, in teaching student STEM skills.”

“We have partnered with Innoignite in Monrovia, Liberia and Zee Tech Foundation in Nigeria. They help expand learning services throughout the regions and connect with the youth for skills development,” the edtech founder stated.

For his last words, Clifton said, “ in the next five years, education in Africa will compete at the global frontier with innovation, creation and disruption that is currently taking place on the continent. Youth in Africa will have real-world skills to compete for local and international jobs. Students will no longer have to leave one’s home country for quality education because disruption will create accessible and quality education for all.”

“ For these reasons, we have to invest in proper infrastructure for internet connectivity, call to action across borders for equality education and build modern schools for student learning needs.”


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