Dr. Bawumia Launches Ghana.Gov And Says It’s A Public Sector Demons And Principalities Weapon


July 15, 2021, 2:07 p.m.

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has officially launched Ghana.gov, a digital services and payments platform. The VP describes the platform as a one-stop spot that will ensure hassle-free access to government services which include passport application, driving license application, business registration, birth certificate application, etc.

It is also aimed at reducing corruption at these agencies.

The Ghana.gov platform stems from the government's attempt to ensure less dependence on cash used as payments for all financial transactions. As such, the platform will enable the general public to apply and pay for these services online, using credit cards or Mobile Money.

The public-private platform materialized after three local technology companies; Hubtel, expressPay, and IT Consortium collaborated with the government to birth a cashless and corruption-free system.

The system comprises these components; a mobile app and USSD interface, web portal, a payment processing app, and complaint submission medium.

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Speaking during the launch, the VP stated that the single payments platform is expected to boost the government’s revenue and redefine how Ghanaians engage with the government.

“Beyond the financial benefits of Ghana.gov, the platform will transform how we all connect to the government. There is currently no official government of Ghana mobile application for the 9 million smartphone users and the more than 30 million mobile users in Ghana. The soon-to-be-published Ghana GOV citizen App will have important features that will change the way we connect to official information, report issues in our communities, and exchange critical data.”

“This government’s aim of making Ghana a globally competitive market is anchored in the belief that increasing access to public services through technology will have a strong positive impact on the general ease of doing business within Ghana. In the process, this will boost our ranking among other nations and thereby help grow our foreign direct investments,” he explained.

He again mentioned that Ghana.gov will expose and eliminate persons responsible for revenue leakages. He described them as public sector demons and principalities.

“Ghana.gov is here to ensure prompt payments for services and promote transparency and visibility of internally generated funds. It is a real weapon in the fight against demons and principalities in the public sector. Instead of those who demand public services handing cash over to administrative staff, they will switch to mobile payment system.”

“Transactions will be recorded instantly avoiding any bribery and corruption regarding the quoted service fee and curtailing the risk of embezzlements,” he added.


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