Dream VC Partners With Ghana Tech Lab To Bridge The Startup Funding Gap


April 22, 2022, 12:44 a.m.

Dream VC has partnered with Ghana Tech Lab (GTL) to augment each other's programs and activities to collectively create a robust synergy to scale up highly ambitious startups in the local ecosystem and give them the chance to thrive.

The focus of this partnership aims to close the funding gap for businesses in Ghana by linking them with investors. This will be achieved mainly due to the deployment of ground-breaking initiatives and programs aimed at assisting startups.

The partnership focuses on the three (3) thematic areas below:

  • Investor Alignment & Program Outreach:
    Dream VC’s flagship program; Launch into VC & Investor Accelerator Program, with support from Ghana Tech Lab will provide opportunities for working professionals, entrepreneurs and wider-aspiring investors to take advantage of these flagship programs to become Angel Investors and/or Venture Capitalists.
  • Program Alignment & Advisory Support for the Ghana Investor Network:
    Both organizations will co-host and design exclusive masterclasses and provide advisory services under the Ghana Investor Network brand. These advisory services will enlighten members of the Ghana Investor Network on Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Ecosystem building in the Pan-African context and how to deploy capital.
  • Investor Linkages for Startups from GTL’s Incubation & Acceleration Programs:
    Both organizations will coordinate to showcase pitch decks and investment opportunities of startups emanating from Ghana Tech Lab’s Incubation and Acceleration programs to Dream VC’s investment community as well as co-host soft pitch events for a selection of top startups from both programs to participants (investors) of the Dream VC Investor Accelerator Program.

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Mark Kleyner, the Co-founder of Dream VC, highlighting the importance of the partnership said, “Dream VC’s core mission is to provide knowledge, access and networks to extraordinarily driven and collaborative individuals who dream of playing a role in birthing innovation in tech sectors across Africa markets. We believe that Ghana Tech Lab aligns with that goal and are impressed by the ambition of further enabling, supporting and empowering strong ecosystem links within and beyond Ghana.”

The Co-founder also expressed his joy to “move into an ecosystem partnership to train and upskill aspiring investors within Ghana Tech Lab’s networks, so they can be more intentional and more active Angel and VC Investors.”

About Ghana Tech Lab

Ghana Tech Lab is a strategic ecosystem lab to drive digital transformation through the provision of open collaborative spaces for competent digital skills training, seeding Innovations and growing startups. We provide the platform for idea building through our Makerspace, Creative Space, AI Lab, Blockchain Lab, Robotics Lab, Cybersecurity Lab, IoT Lab and VR lab.

About Dream VC

Dream VC is an investor accelerator and community-driven educational platform providing rigorous remote programmes centred specifically around venture capital across Africa's startup ecosystems.


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