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Dec. 17, 2021, 10:38 a.m.

Both patients and doctors have experienced their fair share of frustrations regarding the health system. For patients, the out-of-pocket expenses, the lack of timely information, long wait and rushed visits and the out of stock drugs prescribed. For the doctors, their pain points are the deficient workforce, unmanageable patient load, just to mention a few. Some startups have emerged to provide solutions in the sector in all these. We have Redbird, mPharma, Vien Health etc., and now there is DrugNet. For DrugNet, its objective is to deliver medications conveniently in half an hour.

DrugNet is a Ghanaian online pharmacy that runs B2B and B2C services with its DrugNet app and DrugNet E-Pharmacy software countrywide. While most online pharmacies operate as a “shopping centre”, DrugNet makes the difference. Founded in March 2020, the bootstrapped company provides a platform for individuals and doctors to access drugs and deliver them quickly, conveniently and affordably.

The DrugNet app, available on Play Store and iOS and has about 6000 downloads, possesses many incredible features. For starters, the app creates room for patients to upload their prescriptions and displays no images of drugs. The importance of drugs is apparent, but they become detrimental to us when consumed wrongly. In essence, the general idea for such restriction on the app is to prevent drug abuse and self-medication.

Secondly, the app has a feature called “talk to a pharmacist” or “live chat with a pharmacist”, where individuals with concerning issues can request to speak with a pharmacist or standby staff who is always ready to assist and follow up.

Another feature is the “schedule a refill”— this option allows patients on a routine medication to schedule a refill and is notified when they are due for more. Patients also get to input a specific drug and quantity they want.

Furthermore, the app has an in-built AI assistant that gathers and processes user-specific data and creates an excellent patient experience. The AI has also been trained to connect individuals to pharmacists when need be.

Per DrugNet’s model, the startup seeks to facilitate hospital processes easily and bridge the gap between patients and doctors. To do this, DrugNet is saying that hospitals can leverage its DrugNet E-Pharmacy software. The e-pharmacy software is a portal that allows hospitals to request drugs when they are out of medication. The process sends feedback to DrugNet, and the startup quickly distributes the medication to the patient at no cost.

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Last month, the company launched the E-Pharmacy software, which onboarded 4 hospitals with 10 others in the pipeline. Additionally, the company has successfully partnered with about 100 pharmacies, including food supplements, baby food shops, and herbal medication centres.

The startup has bagged three nominations in a year and a half of operation. They were nominated for Best Health Startup And Best Technology Startup in the Ghana Startup Awards. Again, they were nominated for Best Healthtech Startup in the Ghana Fintech Awards.

“In a year's time, we aim to hit a 30K download, have our own in-app payments system, increase our number of retail outlets, and onboard more hospitals. The Vice President recently announced that the country would soon welcome electronic pharmacies, and we aim to be a household name even before that happens,” Samuel Otuo-Serebour, DugNet’s MD, said in an interview with DT Africa.

“Statistics show that Morocco, Kenya, Tunisia, Nigeria, and South Africa are perfect places for business in the pharmacy space. These places have very high internet penetration hence a good hotspot for the startup. Given this, DrugNet hopes to expand to Kenya and Rwanda once it secures funding and gains the capacity to do so.”

DrugNet also participated in the CVS Accelerator Program. CVS is a retail pharmacy whose vision is to transform the consumer healthcare experience and empower patients to achieve better health outcomes through data-driven insights and innovative community-based retail health care and digital tools. Their accelerator program connects high-impact startups with the resources, industry players and mentors they need to launch and succeed.


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