Facebook Has Reels Now, Taking Tiktok Cloning One Step Further

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Oct. 1, 2021, 1:55 p.m.

Facebook's never-ending quest to quash its competitors through copying their features has reached a new high (or low, depending on how you look at it) today with the launch of Reels.

"But wait", you say, "isn't that an Instagram feature?" And the answer is, yes, but from now on you can also see Reels on Facebook. TikTok keeps getting ever more popular, and Facebook's TikTok clone thus can't forever be omitted from the main app.

Because let's face it, Reels is a TikTok clone like Stories was a Snapchat clone, and here's the thing - no one remembers Snapchat anymore. Facebook won that one (through Instagram). So far it seems like TikTok is putting up quite the fight, but will it be able to prevail? Let's wait and see.

If you're wondering about Reels on Facebook, it's initially becoming available in the US on both Android and iOS. Reels on Facebook can consist of music, audio, effects, and more, and you'll see them in News Feed or Groups. When viewing a Reel you can easily follow the creator, like and comment on the video, or share it with friends.

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Facebook is currently testing the ability for Instagram users to have their reels recommended on Facebook's main app, which makes us think the Reels feature is meant to be integrated fully between the two apps at some point in the future. Like on Instagram Reels, full screen and immersive ads are coming soon between Reels to "help small businesses and brands connect with new audiences in delightful ways".

Reels on Facebook come with AR effects, timers and countdowns, the ability to speed up or slow down the recording, support for stitching together multiple clips into a single Reel, and the ability to use audio (either your own or by searching from the Facebook music library). Reels on Facebook are by default set to be public for those over 18, but you can change the audience at any time, picking between public, friends, or "friends except...".



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