Fintech Startup Millions Is Giving Away Money To Twitter Users




Feb. 5, 2021, 9:50 a.m.

A new fintech startup Millions, which raised a $3 million seed round is giving away money through its Twitter account. To stand a chance of winning $ 1 million, one has to pick six numbers from their website and follow them on Twitter.

The “charity” act is partly aimed at attracting attention to the company and to its forthcoming business where brands could participate in giveaways directly.

Unlike other brand giveaways, the fintech company seeks to give money to users following their Twitter account every month. This month the company launched its “million-dollar sweepstakes” where users enter six numbers. If all six numbers match, they win a million dollars.

Next month, the startup will launch a game called “are you my number neighbour?” where users will enter their phone number on a website, and if it is just a digit off from the phone number on the site, the user wins $100,000.

Commenting on the matter, the co-founders who asked to be anonymous said “If you think about customer acquisition costs — and this is a little bit controversial — people just give money to Facebook or Instagram, or Apple or Google. The money goes straight to a social network and not the people. They are trying to get the people, but they are not giving the people the money. The Millions way is really giving the people the money. We don’t need to run advertisements. We are giving the money directly to the people, and hopefully, they follow our ecosystem, subscribe for updates and they will see the future launch.”

The company plans on transferring the customers it acquires through the giveaways to its fintech play which will also have something to do with winning money.

According to TechCrunch, the co-founders refused to reveal their identities because they want to keep the game playful and anonymous for the time being.

Investors in the startup’s seed round included Giant Ventures, 8VC, Supernode, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Italic CEO Jeremy Cai, Allbirds co-founder, and CEO Joey Zwillinger, Casper co-founders Neil Parikh and Luke Sherwin, MSCHF head of strategy and growth Daniel Greenberg, CEO of Deel Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Hellosaurus James Ruben, CEO of Beek Pamela Valdes, PM at Facebook (for the Payments Gateway team) Luis Vargas, co-founder of Block Renovations Koda Wang, CEO of Nebula Genomics Kamal Obbad, plus some Warby Parker and Harry’s co-founders and execs (Dave Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Jeff Raider) and other fintech angels.

A few investors also agreed to vouch for Millions on the record and hinted at the MyCard product to come, which will reward customers for everyday behavior.

“This company is creating delight from what would otherwise be the mundane, everyday necessity of swiping a credit card. We invested in Millions because they will spark joy in people’s lives, and think the traditional points model of accumulating hard-to-use airline and hotel points is tired and ripe for reinvention,” said Allbirds co-founder and CEO Joey Zwillinger.

“Millions is building an incredibly loyal audience through an unparalleled, engaging customer experience and the $1 million giveaway is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. These are some of the strongest founders I know and have truly captured lightning in a bottle,” said Italic CEO Jeremy Cai.

“I invested in Millions because the trend is clear — people love winning money. It is clear that there is something going on here. Millions is dedicated to giving away money in crazy ways and I am happy to be involved,” said MSCHF head of strategy and growth, Daniel Greenberg.

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