Five Africa Tech Startups Shortlisted For "2022 Start-Up Of The Year Award."


Oct. 19, 2022, 2:36 p.m.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has unveiled a list of five promising Tech Startups to receive awards at the 2022 Africa Tech Festival event.

The awards show represents the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) new technological innovation era, which seeks to enhance human-machine relationships, unlock new market opportunities, and fuel growth across the global economy.

And startups across Africa's tech ecosystem at the forefront of Africa's Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is essential to celebrate the best in business across the continent with a brand new category dedicated to startups.

The Start-Up of the Year Award recognizes the most innovative startups that showcased potential over the last year for high growth and purpose-driven impact.

Five outstanding startups have gained selection in this category. Here is this year's shortlist for the Startup of the Year 2022 Award:

Below are the five starts ups shortlisted for this year's award ceremony.


Womenovate eliminates the barriers to innovation for Nigerian women by providing them with the resources to build exceptional careers and businesses.

Womenovate is female focused online learning platform globally offering women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics) access to resources, training courses, and Jobs from world-class universities and companies, helping to close the gender gap/disparity and increase female participation in STEAM fields and sectors.

"At Womenovate, we understand that women are the core of the economic engine for any nation and economic loss from gender inequality is fast increasing globally." - Motunrayo Opayinka, CVO and Founder of Womenovate.


A mobile app that's the first in the motor industry, Cars can use computer vision and machine learning to scan vehicle damages and provide real-time vehicle health condition and repair estimates.

Carscan, is an Augmented Reality app powered by Artificial Intelligence that captures the actual condition of a vehicle, detects damages, and generates competitive quotes to fix the cracks.

The platform was built using years of experience in the automotive industry and backed by world-class technology to provide accurate information in real-time, thereby helping to provide correct historical data on a vehicle, resulting in fewer inconsistencies and inaccurate information.


Born and raised in Western Kenya, the founders experienced firsthand the challenges facing smallholder farmers, who are the majority of the developing world.

The founders' dream was to empower every farmer and stakeholder to make fast, informed, data-driven decisions on the go.

Their Mission is to enable data-driven decisions for the world's smallholder farmers by collecting and making sense of agricultural data through sensors and farm data analytics tools.

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LayUp Technologies

An advanced recurring payments system focused on driving financial inclusion in Africa through cloud-based pre-payment technology.

LayUp services businesses with digitized Lay-By, subscriptions, memberships and debit order payments, making interest-free instalments simple and easy for merchants and their customers.

LayUp is shaping a world where credit-free transactions are possible and financial freedom can be enjoyed by everyone.


Sendoff is a mobile and web platform digitizing the entire deathcare value chain and providing our users with convenience, information and a 10X better Customer eXperience for funeral-related services. Sendoff solves the friction and pain points around deathcare for late Gen Xers & Early Millennials (35-45). They provide a technology solution to allow people to "find anything funeral" on Sendoff and are entirely changing the way people approach deathcare.

Sendoff began as an idea in 2019 after the Founder helped with a funeral and thought....." There's got to be a better way to do this"

Since their arrival, they have created a trustable, repeatable and scalable way for people to manage an unavoidable life step in a sensitive, efficient and cost-effective manner. In the same way Uber disrupted transportation and Airbnb disrupted accommodation, Sendoff is fundamentally changing the deathcare space.

The categories span health tech innovation to connectivity projects, hot startups, VCs & Investors, and many more.


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