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Five Ghanaian Healthtech Platforms You Probably Did Not Know


Aug. 2, 2021, 9:27 a.m.

Getting access to a doctor can be quite tedious. Think about the appointment queue, the hollow looks on the patients’ faces, the unpleasant smell, the sluggish movements of some nurses, and to sum it all, the costly price for healthcare. Thankfully, healthtech startups have risen to the challenge. They have developed technology-enabled platforms to provide seamless and affordable access to doctors or clinicians.

Here is a compilation of five Ghanaian healthtech platforms you probably did not know existed.

Vien Health: The Vien Health platform bridges the gap between doctors and patients, exposing them to a virtual world-class experience. With the Vien Health app, patients can virtually book an appointment, get access to certified pharmacies with delivery options, set questions for the doctor before their appointments, and get medical-approved articles on particular topics. Gersom Adu founded Vien Health and it is up for download on Play Store and App Store.

Abbey AI: Abbey AI is a virtual radiologist assistant positively changing Ghana’s healthcare sectors. Its deep learning algorithm can concurrently detect 12 clinically important diseases in chest radiographs. It has been trained with a 112.114 front view of chest x-ray photograph which the developer acquired from Stanford University, and has a 91% accuracy rate. As to how it functions, a clinician uploads a chest x-ray photograph onto the platform, and the algorithm diagnoses and points out the abnormalities with a 91% accuracy. Mustapha Zaidan is the founder of Abbey AI.

Redbird: Redbird is a pharmacy platform that provides patients with easy access to their digital health records via five-minute tests. The platform saves user’s health results which can be accessed by the patients via their app or at any partner pharmacy. The team also aims to provide doctors with access to these health records under patients’ consent, providing a more complete picture of a patient’s history. Redbird is currently available at over 350 community pharmacies and offers 10 rapid tests. Andrew Quao is the co-founder of Redbird.

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minoHealth: minoHealth is a multifaceted system that uses cloud computing to store patient health data and make it easily accessible to physicians on all web-connected devices. They use Artificial Intelligence for automated diagnostics, forecasts, and prognostics. They have also developed AI systems for conditions including breast cancer, pneumonia, fibrosis, hernia, edema, cardiomegaly, emphysema, effusion, and pneumothorax. The system simply takes a medical image as input and then determines if the chosen condition is present or not (diagnostics), if it would develop (forecasts) and its progression (Prognostics). Darlington Akogo is the founder of minoHealth.

Docta Ghana: Docta Ghana is a Ghanaian-based mobile health platform evolving the way Ghanaians everywhere connect to healthcare. The platform allows patients to communicate with doctors via video and soon in person all from the comfort of their homes. It also allows you to create one account for yourself and your family and enjoy the convenience of home care with the whole family. Cedric Foudjet is the founder of Docta Ghana.


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