Flutterwave Appoints Silicon Valley Veteran As Head of US Growth


Aug. 6, 2021, 4:37 p.m.

As part of Flutterwave’s plans to drive financial services in the United States, the fintech startup has appointed Jimmy Ku as the Head of US Growth.

Jimmy Ku is a Silicon Valley and venture capital veteran who has co-founded five startups and has over 17 years of consulting, startup, and investment experience. He was previously the Chief Operations Officer at MixerBox.Inc, a mobile media platform.

Jimmy has also worked as a Venture Scout for companies such as 10X Capital and Grishin Robotics, where he has assisted in the raising of more than $340 million in venture capital funding over the course of three years.

With Ku in the picture, it will be easier for the African fintech startup to build a stronger payments infrastructure for US companies with African technology. Furthermore, his experience in the technology, startup, and innovation space will greatly enhance the startup’s credentials for expansion into the US market.

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Ku’s appointment also sheds light on the startup’s continued commitment to expanding its operations in the United States of America. In March, Flutterwave partnered with PayPal to allow African merchants to receive payments from other users across the globe. It recently also secured its Series C funding from several high-profile US investors.

Local businesses that want to simplify payments while providing goods and services to their customers stand to benefit greatly from the growth of the US market, according to Flutterwave.


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