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Ghana Startup Summit 2022: 24 Ghanaian Startups To Watch Out For


April 8, 2022, 1:18 p.m.

The 2022 Ghana Startup Summit has produced 24 brilliant startups to accelerate innovation and inclusion in the country through exciting apps. Before the summit pitch day, the startups engaged in an intensive six-week mobile application with flutter training followed by an additional ten-week incubation and internship period. The startups were picked from the various partner hubs after proving their capabilities. Today, these incubators have become startups positioned for funding, mentorship and collaborations.

Here are the startups to watch out for:

  • Meuve and Tourizilla are tourism-based apps that bridge the gap between tourists and destinations. Meuve uses AI and virtual reality to facilitate its services. At the same time, Tourizilla provides relevant and up to date information about tourist sites budgets friendly accommodation to the domestic and international tourist who seeks to explore the country and experience the rich Ghanaian culture.
  • Rent Master, Ready Rent, Accomovailable, Let's Accommodate, Zellow and Decoders are startups committed to connecting property owners to tenants. Rent Master bridges the gap between landlords and property owners and buyers and renters to reduce the search cost, expenses and uncertainties in the real estate market first In the Techiman Municipality. on the other hand, Ready Rent and Accomovailable aim to solve hostel accommodation issues for University students, however, Accomovailable is focused on tertiary students looking for private hostels in Tamale. In contrast, Zellow is focused on people in the North East Region. Decoders also focus on creating a conducive environment for both landlords and tenants to transact smoothly and effectively.
  • Glow Plus owns a mobile application that allows users quickly access dermatological consultancy services, shop online for cosmetic products and have them delivered to their doorsteps.
  • Mobile App Group is a functional team of developers specialized in developing software applications (mobile/desktop/web) and providing other tech solutions with excellence and credibility.
  • Fiximame is a marketplace app that allows artisans to display their services to the general public.
  • VitzaEdu seeks to create a global network of students who can share their educational journeys and access tailored resources in their field of study, career guidance and project management tools.
  • Sky Tech is a startup whose primary focus is to lessen the burden of people accessing goods and services through a mobile application.
  • DonorLink is a mobile app aiming to digitize the blood supply chain for healthcare facilities in Africa. The app connects patients to blood donors across the region.
  • Jsem is a waste management startup posed at minimizing and eliminating waste through its app. This startup is also into the collection, transport, disposal and recycling of waste. Jsem aims to reduce poor sanitation and ensure proper waste management in Sekondi/ Takoradi and Ghana by providing innovative ideas to tackle the issues mentioned above.

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  • FeedeMe and Delivery Hub are mobile and web app-based apps market matcher. They aggregate delivery personnel to connect partner kitchens and restaurants to consumers. They are convenient and affordable with electronic payment options.
  • Drop is an app that simplifies how recyclables are collected and redistributed to recycling companies for recovery and reuse.
  • Deafcantalk leverages the deafcantalk app, a disability app for deaf and persons with hearing disabilities to access video content in sign language.
  • Tech minds The startup Tech Minds provides craft/hands-on training, branding, and jobs to the people of Sunyani through their Tuma mobile app.
  • Team Solid Widgets is building a digital health care solution app called ReproMedics, which will use integrated technologies to remove the barriers to delivering smooth and just in time healthcare to young people.
  • Tech Vengers are into the fashion industry. Realizing that sewists and tailors cannot keep track of customers' details, they are making it easy for these groups to take their measurements digitally and manage their workflow as well as track and engage with their customers.
  • Flash and Stiwa are Ghanaian-based delivery apps developed to make items between shop owners and consumers timely, safe, secured, and reliable. Flash is a women's startup that seeks to contribute to economic growth by creating job opportunities and adding to the tax pool. Their app allows users to track and trace riders on their way to deliver items.


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