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Ghana STEM Network Launch; A Step Closer to Redefining the Future of Learning


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May 16, 2022, 11:40 p.m.

On the hunt for the next Einstein from Africa, Ghana STEM Network in partnership with Next Einstein Forum, Wego Innovate and Academic City College co-organised the Africa Science Week 2022, a one week STEM Program to awaken, inspire and nourish the imagination of young Ghanaians about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Maths the great potentials for solving societal problems and national development.

The proposed theme for the West Africa celebration was Using the Transforming Power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to propel the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the organizers, the theme was necessitated given the focus on gender equity, climate change, science, technology, and innovation in the development agenda and drawing a roadmap to achieving that, with the experiences from the week's celebration.

The weeklong celebration commenced with a TEDtalk-like speaker “Spotlight Session with trailblazing scientists”, which brought together outstanding Ghanaian Scientists making a significant impact in the area of STEM Education, Policy and Practice. These scientists shared their stories, and journeys and work to inspire and empower young people to model their local science heroes and heroines to showcase a tremendous scientific talent in our communities.

The Ghana STEM Network Launch also was commemorated on the first day of the Africa Science Week celebration. At the core, the purpose of launching the NEF African Science week was to outdoor the Ghana STEM Network, and invite all stakeholders and actors in the Ghana STEAM Ecosystem to join the Network in her Big Hairy Audacious Goal of Empowering and Nurturing every student of Ghana with STEAM Education by 2030.

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“The world is transitioning into a skill-based economy and we are not ready as a country or a continent yet. The future of work is changing rapidly and would require drastic changes to the methods of learning and skills acquisition to keep up with the changing tides of today's fast-paced work environment.” Richard Joseph, Programs Lead at the Ghana STEM Network said in his presentation at the NEF Spotlight session.


The Ghana STEM Network is a network of innovators, scientists, technologists, engineers, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, school reformers, college professors, policymakers and professionals in STEAM is on a mission to accelerate Ghana’s and African’s transition to a more Practical and Sustainable Education to drive Economic, Social, and Environmental Development and Prosperity.

Commenting on the Launch, President of the Ghana STEM Network Joshua Opoku Agyemang said "According to Ghana Statistical Service over 1.3million students graduates from SHS thanks to the free SHS program. However, only 107,000 get admission to tertiary institutions and after graduating only 20% get employed every year. This is increasing the rate of youth unemployment in Ghana, leading to the formation of unemployment graduates association of Ghana among other interventions."

“We believe easy access to STEAM Education could be the solution to addressing the high rise of youth unemployment in Ghana to drive Economic growth and national development, On a mission to build the most Compelling Educational Network to accelerate Ghana’s & Africa’s transition to more practical and sustainable education”. he added

The Ghana STEM Network is thus calling industries, academia, development partners, financial institutions, private sectors and individuals to join our quest to democratise STEAM Education in Ghana for job creation, economic development and prosperity for all.

Ghana STEM Network, Redefining The Future of Learning!

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