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Ghana Tech Lab And Innohub Ltd Partners To Establish Startup Coach School


March 30, 2021, 11:18 a.m.

Two tech hubs, Ghana Tech Lab, and Innohub Ltd have partnered to establish a Startup Coach School for business developers and individuals interested in becoming startup coaches.

With Innohub’s expertise in curriculum design and development of training materials, the school provides standardized business development training relevant to the Ghanaian startup ecosystem for business developers across the country as well as individuals with an interest in pursuing a career in coaching and mentoring startups.

The structure of the school has been designed as a replica of the ACCA structure: a 4 part structure consisting of 4 modules each thus, Part 1- Fundamentals of Business Development, Part 2- Incubating businesses, Part 3- Accelerating businesses, and Part 4- Growth Hack.

This year’s program is been delivered quarterly, focusing on four modules of Part 3 (Accelerating Businesses section).

The first cohort of Q1 is based on the 1st Module of Part 3. The training is an overview of various focal areas of supporting startups to revise their business models, market research and achieving product-market fit, strategic planning for growth, and team management.

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The five-day event, piloted at the Ghana Tech Lab campus, trained 28 participants with 23 of them being Business Developers from the hubs’ partners and the other 5 from an external pool. Some of which are practicing consultants, businessmen, and individuals looking to enter the business development space.

Participants will be awarded certifications upon completing each module and examination. A grand certification will be awarded to those who complete all modules of each part of the program.


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