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Ghana Tech Lab Launches Ghana Startup Ecosystem Website To Support Startups


Sept. 9, 2020, 2:51 p.m.

Ghana Tech Lab, a strategic ecosystem hub launched the Ghana Startup Ecosystem website last Friday.

The portal which was launched in partnership with Mastercard Foundation is designed to connect startups with ready markets and relevant information needed to scale up their businesses.

According to the Team Lead of the Ecosystem Mapping Program, Daniel Kwabena Owusu, the website is the first of its kind in Ghana and across Africa.

‘‘The portal stands out and would bridge the gap between startups and the digital space,’’ he stated.

He explained that during the Ecosystem Mapping journey, the team realized that a lot of startups lacked funding for office spaces.

The website is an interactive and user-friendly portal, and has been rolled out as part of the Ecosystem Mapping program which was embarked on early this year by the company, he explained.

He added that the website would be used as an avenue to call out for sponsors and stakeholders to support startups.

The Ecosystem Mapping program forms part of the PaSE project, an initiative under the auspices of Young Africa Works( YAW) to create 30 million jobs by 2030 and pave the way for young people to get access to opportunities locally and globally.

As part of the initiative, 3 million Ghanaians will be equipped with digital skills to strategically position them which will make them employable and enable them gain competent digital skills in order to play a key role in the country.

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In view of this, a team at Ghana Tech Lab mapped out six core pillars namely Market, Support, Human Capital, Policy, Finance, Media, and Culture. These core pillars were identified as pillars that enable a sustainable economy.

Currently, the company has leveraged these key pillars on the website with its corresponding information and insights.

Media and Culture lead, Emelia Kuleke stated that these findings must enable the government to support private organizations such as GTL to assist female-owned businesses.

She added that it would equip female entrepreneurs to scale up by equipping them with basic digital marketing skills which are relevant in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to her, ‘‘ Over 42 % of entrepreneurs in Ghana are women, there is the need to assist them in learning the technical know-how on how to market their businesses digitally, in order for them to reach a wider customer base’’.

The portal will further connect the startups to bigger markets and stakeholders and give them access to fundings to expand their businesses.

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