Ghana Tech Lab-NSS Partner To Rollout Graduate Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track Program

Press Release

Nov. 2, 2021, 12:58 a.m.

Ghana Tech Lab and the Ghana National Service Secretariat have partnered to implement a new track for National Service Personnel placement dubbed ‘‘Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track (EI Track).’’

A total of 500 personnel have been targeted in the first pilot phase for the 2021/2022 service period, which focuses on Mobile App Development and other digital, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills.

A minimum of 100 personnel will be enrolled in this cohort by NSS and the technical delivery provided by GTL. At least 1000 personnel will be placed on the EI track per annum after this year’s pilot. The first year will be implemented under the Ghana Tech Lab Base Innovation program approach.

Based on the approach, the project is tailored to developing digital skills, seeding innovation, and scaling startups of Ghanaian graduates commencing with a pilot cohort in 2021 across a selected number of regions and/or virtually using a hybrid program delivery approach on GTL’s Digital PaSE Online platform and in-person at proximate 24 community tech hubs in 15 regions across the country.

Upon the completion of the pilot cohort, the two partners will scale and help raise funds to support the startups aside from the availability of the zero loan credit portfolio from the Ghana Startup Scaling fund.

The participants who will proceed with the incubation track would have 6 months of continuous support to fine-tune their ideas into a commercially viable startup that would be investment-ready.

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The program has been designed post-Ghana Tech Lab’s Ecosystem Mapping 2020, which revealed that, for Ghana’s ecosystem to thrive holistically, there is the need for ecosystem stakeholders to collaborate in delivering solutions that will scale impact and create viable systems that serve the needs for Ghanaians.

A minimum of 70 startups is expected to be created and scaled through the pilot cohort, whereas a minimum of 250 startups would be created and scaled through the EI Track per annum in the preceding years.

The objectives of the program are to reach more than 20,000 young graduates with relevant skills that will lead to creating jobs, creating thoughtful thinkers, guiding innovation development, and building startups to build Ghana’s digital economy and startup ecosystem, empower young graduates to be entrepreneurial-minded and create direct decent jobs.


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