Ghana Tech Lab Organizes Hub Capacity Building Series For Tech Hubs Across Ghana


Aug. 25, 2020, 3:32 p.m.

Ghana Tech Lab between February and March this year undertook an entrepreneurial ecosystem mapping to conduct needs assessment on various hubs and other relevant stakeholders across Ghana.

This Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Mapping Project is a nationwide project forming a part of the Pathways to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) Project funded by Mastercard Foundation under the Young African Works Initiative (YAW) to create 30 million jobs in Africa by 2030.

Ghana Tech Lab as an ecosystem hub focuses on building a strong and relevant ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs and institutions to quickly find knowledge and resources that propels their growth to succeed.

Ghana Tech Lab organized a Hub Capacity Building series since capacity building is a necessary resource for growth and development.

The Hubs' Capacity Building Series is designed to scale internal structures, skills, and processes which ultimately dovetails into the strength and quality of programs and projects run by the hubs.

The capacity building program is also to address the gap in the market for high-quality, localized acceleration support targeted towards growth potential businesses in key sectors across Ghana.

The first phase of the series started from 4th June to 5th August 2020 whereas the second phase comes off before the year ends.

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The program focuses on building the capacity of 13 partner tech hubs such as Eastern Tech Hub, Dansyn Innovation Social Organisation etc. through the Partner Hub Workshop and at least 30 others through the “General webinars-for-Hubs” program across Ghana.

Some of the expected outcome of the hub capacity strengthening is to help the various hubs in the following:

  • Attraction and retention of skilled and professional labor
  • Proper payroll management systems, documentation of financials and comply with taxation regulations and policies.
  • Effective ways of monitoring and evaluation to key components of their project activities such as data for story telling in reporting.
  • Proper implementation of effective corporate governance structure and adoption of safeguard policies in program deliveries.

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