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Ghana: Zeepay Partners With Moove To Provide A Seamless Payment Platform For Uber Drivers


April 20, 2021, 1:07 p.m.

Ghanaian fintech startup Zeepay has partnered with Moove, a collaboration that will enable Uber drivers and riders on Moove to receive and make digital payments respectively.

Moove is Africa's premier car ownership company, and exclusive Uber partner which has launched in two countries with plans to continue scaling across Africa. It is an international company, headquartered in Amsterdam with operations in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa

With Moove, Zeepay will provide a seamless, efficient, and robust payment platform for riders who use Moove-powered Uber vehicles. Riders can make payments with their mobile money wallets as Moove cars are equipped to accept only digital payments.

“Leveraging our bulk wallet API, Uber drivers on Moove will receive instant payments,” said Felicity Jaforktuk, the Zeepay product manager of mobile money. “This is a landmark opportunity, and we are working hard to serve thousands of users in the coming months.”


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Moove Ghana’s Country Manager, Jephthah Datsomor also said: “Enabling efficient payments from both driver and rider’s perspectives constitutes an integral part of the overall Moove experience. The platform provides the required functionalities to complete end-to-end transactions whilst ensuring financial security for all parties. These are the reasons we have selected Zeepay as a key digital payments partner for Moove’s operations in Ghana.”

As part of an ongoing commitment to safety, particularly in the current fight against COVID-19, Moove cars are fitted with transparent and Perspex partition screens to separate the driver from rear-seat riders


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