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Ghanaian mechanic Creates Motor To Rescue People From Drowning


March 9, 2021, 3:04 p.m.

Imagine traveling on the sea on a motor, or tiling floor, or making handwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton( Kente) without using manpower. For Abdul Aziz Abdallah, this is beyond imagination. Abdul is a 29-year-old mechanic who hails from Worawora, a town in the Oti Region of Ghana. His dream is to develop machines that can rescue people in dire situations and make life seamless for us. Along this line, he has developed paper works of machines to bring his dreams into a reality.

He calls them the A3 Emergency Projects (AbdulAziz Abdallah Projects). Shaken by the tragic incident of the Malaysian Airlines that was never recovered from the Pacific Ocean, the mechanic set off on a personal quest. His quest is to invent a motor that works on land and water, and can recover people when lost at sea. He calls it the A3 Dualin, “this is a machine that can be used by the military and The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) for rescue and mobility”. Abdul usually puts himself in scenarios of accidents to see if he can rescue himself. This thought has been a source of influence for him to build the A3 Dualin.

Talking to Digital Times Africa, Abdul mentioned he loves challenges. Satisfying this side of him, he took on a challenge posed to him by his roommate. The latter noticed kente was processed solely on manpower so he tasked Abdul to invent the machine that could do that instead. Never backing down from a challenge, the mechanic engaged the local men who wove kente a short distance from him. From there, Abdul began drafting paperwork for the Nna Kente Weaving Machine.

According to him, the weavers only need to insert the threads of silk into the machine and the Nna Kente Weaving machine does all the work. This innovation will greatly lift the stress of the local men as it takes an experienced weaver 4 to 5 hours to make just a strip.

Another group of people to benefit from the Genius are tilers. He has drafted paperwork for an A3 Tiler, a machine that will help builders lay tiles effortlessly. The machine will be built to carry many tiles at a go, spread mortar, and lay the tiles within a short time. “ If it takes an hour for builders to spread mortar and lay tiles, the A3 Tiler will do that in 30 minutes,” says the Genius.

His Challenges

Abdul Aziz Abdallah worked as a mechanic and technical personnel at an automobile company and was offered a scholarship at Zenith College by his boss. He used his income to mostly purchase scraps to build his machines. His efforts, however, were impeded as his brother who completed the University of Ghana with flying colors was suddenly bedridden with a brain tumor. The additional responsibility led to an incessant requisition of an increment in pay. His boss who could not keep up with the demands laid him off and revoked his scholarship.

“All the people I spoke to either encouraged me or looked down on my project. However, I am unmoved because we are in a world of endless opportunities. It is not for only the rich but for everyone so I won’t give up now and I encourage everyone not to give up too. Our dreams are nothing without effort.”

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The inventor mentioned to Digital Times that he is seeking funding to finance his projects. He stated that at the moment, his projects are just drafts of paperwork in the nursing state and would be elated if he is given funding and tools to actualize and test them before launching them into the market.

His Goal

“ My goal is to make life seamless for people and create employment opportunities for many individuals in the country.”


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