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Ghana’s Digital Service Delivery; The Future of Africa’s Digital Economy


May 28, 2021, 10:15 a.m.

The pandemic has shown Africans the urgency with which they need to hop onto digitalization.

The exponential growth of digitalization calls for a rethink and re-invention of the service delivery culture in Africa.

One of such businesses leading the dynamics in the transition to a digital Africa is HandyTradie, determined to be at the forefront of the digitalization bandwagon.

Although it is in its primary stage, HandyTradie serves customers in Accra, Tema, and its environs with a plan to expand to other regions in Ghana and across the continent.

HandyTradie was launched in 2020 to revolutionize service deliveries in Africa as it maintains strong positive local cultural values. As a customer-oriented company, the HandyTradie app creates a convenient, low-risk competitive environment that provides access to a wide range of artisans. The platform currently has over 1000 registered service providers.

Chief Executive Officer, Teresa Lemaire, told Digital Times Africa: “We aim to complement existing brick and mortar service providers, expand their reach, and market by leveraging Commissiondigital technology.”

According to Lemaire, “increasing consumer satisfaction and improving the quality of service delivery by artisans in Africa” is at the core of HandyTradie operations.


Chief Executive Officer, Teresa Lemaire

Commenting on the company’s competitive advantage, Lemaire states: “The HandyTradie app emphasizes security for both customers and artisans with its verification system. The system verifies users’ identities and withholds payment until satisfactory completion of the task”.

However, in some cases, HandyTradie allows users to determine if they want to pre-finance a project for up to 50% of project cost and then hold the remaining in Escrow until satisfactory completion and consumer approval service quality.

“We are the Uber of everyday tasks and have created an online marketplace. It has easy access and security while maintaining positive, local cultural values”.

What stood out to me is how they follow every project from initiation through completion to determine the quality of service delivery to their clients, thus enforcing excellence in the delivery.

Given their verification system in place, the company can report misconduct from its artisans to relevant security agencies for prosecution.

For ages, artisanship has been a gold mine in the African region. In most areas, it is considered a substitute for formal education. Most Africans have subscribed to forms of artisanry as a source of livelihood and a way to make ends meet. However, there are vast landscapes that need improvements considering the rudimentary ways artisanry skills are acquired.

HandyTradie has leaped to ensure that consumers get access to the best artisans in the industry. In my opinion, this will go a long way to minimize fire outbreaks and the destruction of properties caused by unskilled artisans. I have come to understand that when a closer focus is placed on the artisanry industry, it could pave the way to improve products made for Africans and foreigners. Furthermore, it has the potential to strengthen the African economy and revamp the ecosystem.

In a statement, the CEO mentioned how critical partnerships are. “We are not looking to replace them. We are creating room for collaborations”.

“Collaborations are key to bridging the gaps in upscaling local artisans and service delivery merchants. We are making a lot of headway in this regard. We have signed an MOU with The certified Electrical Wiring Professionals Association Ghana (CEWPAG) licensed by the Energy Commission”, she elaborated.

The partnership between HandyTradie and CEWPAG stems from the company's vision of inclusive development and industry partnership for Artisans in Africa.

For wraps, I echo the thoughts of the enterprising founder, “Right now, our collective focus should be on creating and expanding economic value for Africa. We can compete later.”

Individuals can click on the link to view how the app works. They can also download the app on Play Store or App Store.

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