Ghana’s Virtual Reality Tour Provider, DOBIISON, Announces Plans To Expand Services Across Africa


May 24, 2021, 1 p.m.

DOBIISON, a Ghanaian startup that provides virtual tours and immersive digital experiences for the real estate, construction, and tourism industries has announced plans to expand its services across Africa.

Founded by Selasie Awity in 2018, DOBIISON plans to focus on real estate and hospitalities across Africa this year. The Ghanaian startup has built the largest collection of Ghanaian virtual reality (VR) content. It combines its 360º immersive, interactive content with functionality and virtual reality to help businesses transform their online presence.

“Our enterprise VR solutions combine multiple media types into one single asset, transforming traditional photos and videos into immersive and interactive content, while additionally capturing interest, intent, and purchases. We help companies transform their online presence and enable a better customer experience while driving conversion rates,” he said.

“Our virtual reality solution shows prospective customers the complete picture to catalyze the consideration and purchasing stages of the customer journey. For example, If someone wants to buy a house in Accra, they can go on to the platform, explore the property 360 degrees, and also purchase directly without leaving the experience. This enables our clients to reach customers in different parts of the world without having to set up offices or hire sales representatives in these countries”.

“I realized a need for another dimension of content beyond pictures and videos that can transform the sales experience for customers and also shorten the consideration stage of the customer journey, and how virtual reality could be the technology to drive this transformation,” he said

“Our key goals for this year is to grow our digital library of Ghanaian, and African virtual reality content across the tourism, education, and real estate industry and make them accessible to businesses using APIs. Our vision is not just to provide virtual reality solutions across Africa but to distinctly advance the development of virtual reality hardware and software on the continent. To do this we need to scale our operations across Africa and continue to collaborate on cutting edge research and development”.

“We operate mainly in Ghana, however, most of our clients are multinational corporations so we do have overlapping services in other countries. Our country executives are also finalizing some conversations which will see us digitizing more assets and tourist sites in other African countries this year.

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