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Google Introduces AI Powered Noise Cancellation


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July 2, 2020, 1:56 p.m.

Google Meet has been one of the tools for effective communication during these times. They have recently introduced a noise cancellation feature.

"It is important to say that this project stands on the shoulders of giants," Lachapelle told VentureBeat.

"Speech recognition and enhancement have been heavily invested in at Google over the years, and much of this work has been reused. Once you have AI that can detect speech, apparently you can also use that tech to detect things that are not speech and remove them from the audio,” he explained.

Explaining further Lachapelle said that, “It works well on a door slamming, and elaborated that, “It works well on dogs barking; kids fighting, so-so. We are taking a softer approach at first, or sometimes we’re not going to cancel everything because we do not want to go overboard and start canceling things out that should not be canceled. Sometimes it’s good for you to hear that I am taking a deep breath or those more natural noises. So this is going to be a project that’s going to go on for many years as we tune it to become better and better and better.”

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Now google meet is in third place with Zoom and Microsoft in first and second places. By the end of April, Meet had 100 million paying G suite meeting participants. They released a metric a day before they became free for everyone. The metric counted single persons multiple times for each meeting they participated in.

Once the feature hits your account, it will be on by default, but you can turn it off in the settings. For now, the feature is only rolling out to Web users, with iOS and Android coming sometime later.

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