Google Meet Could Be A Rival To Zoom And WhatsApp


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July 30, 2020, 2:59 p.m.

Google Meet has previewed a brilliant new feature that sounds like it could spice up family catch-up or work meetings.

As millions of people work and take classes from home, video conferencing solutions have become an increasingly important part of everyday life.

Tech companies like Zoom have gained popularity as families and friends turn to the app to keep in touch, while social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp and Google have raced to adapt their messaging apps so they are fit for the increased demands for video calls.

Google has leveraged its AI to bring a number of changes to video call users. Using facial recognition, Google Meet can identify your facial features and use software to lighten them eliminating any trace of shadow.

This feature is out now on iOS and Android. Those who join on laptops will not be able to use this feature yet. Since there's not a dedicated image signal processor built into the webcam of most laptops, it's a little tougher for Google to roll out this feature quite yet.

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While Zoom only allows a 40 minutes stay (only subscribers have extended stay), Google will not enforce such limitations for the time being. Individuals can talk for as long as they want.

However in September, they would enforce a 60 minutes stay which is still more generous than what its rival, Zoom allows.

Facebook-owned whatsapp has also introduced the messenger room feature which allows a video conference for 50 people per time. This can however not be compared to Google who has enabled access to 100 people per time.

Google Meet is available to anyone with a Google Account. These are free for anyone and you can sign-up with an existing email address.

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