"Google Play Store Apps Protection Not Enough", Mobile Researcher Laments



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July 13, 2020, 3:59 p.m.

Aviran Hazum, Manager of Mobile Research for CheckPoint has indicated that Google Play Store protections are not enough in the wake of Google banning and removing apps from Play Store.

Speaking about the new threat, Mr. Hazum said they found the bug hiding in the “essential information” file every Android application is required to have.

He also stated that they were able to detect numerous cases of Joker uploads on a weekly basis to Google Play, all of which were downloaded by unsuspecting users.

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“The Joker malware is tricky to detect, despite Google’s investment in adding Play Store protections. Although Google removed the malicious apps from the Play Store, we can fully expect Joker to adapt again. Everyone should take the time to understand what Joker is and how it can affect them.” he added.

The list, though yet to be released, comprises messaging, image-compression and file recovery apps.

The comment comes at a time that Google recently banned 49 apps from the Play Store.

Some of the banned apps were discovered to be signing unsuspecting users up to expensive premium rate services without their permission.

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