Taiwo Sotikare, CEO, Insight.ng

He Dares To Be Different; Empowering African Youths Financially With His Platform, Insight.ng


Jan. 23, 2023, 10:21 p.m.

With the rise of millions of blogs on the internet today, it can be hard to get noticed and build a following. Because of that, many bloggers have resorted to harassing, bullying or falsely publicising news about individuals just for clicks and ratings.

Taiwo Sotikare dares to be different. He is the CEO of Insight.ng, a business blogging company with a passion for changing and impacting the lives of Nigerians and Africans financially. He works with a team of dedicated and talented individuals in different specialized offices to drive and maintain the brand's growth.

About 23 million Nigerian unemployed graduates are currently roaming the streets with little hope of getting jobs. And many undergraduates are anxious about their future — with little hope of any chance of securing a job even after graduating.

Insight.ng, through its series of life transformation resources, from blog posts to webinars, hopes to show how empowering Africans with excellent digital skills and exposure to the global market could impact their financial life.

Founded in August 2020 and incorporated in June 2022, Insight.ng focuses on 3 core areas, Entrepreneurship, Career and Personal Development.

It has a series of programs and services, which include its blog (Insight.ng), its digital academy (Insight Digital Academy), its free webinar series (Insightpreneur) and a council of African Innovators (Insight Elite Networking).

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Digital academy commits to impacting Africans with high-paying digital skills and exposing them to the global market to compete globally. Insightpreneur presents itself as an annual free digital conference that aims at giving Nigerians insights on building and running successful online business enterprises. And Elite council centres on leveraging African innovators to rub minds and share innovative ideas to impact the African Community and its people.

Speaking to Taiwo about he set himself apart, he said, “Personalisation. We understand that there’s a lot of information online and we’re not the first in our industry. Therefore, to acquire and retain our customers, we tailor our message to reflect individual problems, have direct contact with each customer, and only end the contract when we’ve confirmed satisfaction. That’s the one way to get people coming back and also sending referrals.”

“We also offer B2B digital marketing. We provide services like Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Business Consultation and Registration, and Brand exposition. These services help our clients position themselves as an authority and gain more online visibility, which is critical to increasing income flow.”

“We've also directly impacted over 200 individuals; these individuals had and still have direct access to our management team for guidance and career tips. With our resources, we impact over 20000 individuals monthly. As for businesses, we've helped over 15 gain more visibility. We honestly haven't been counting, so this is a rough estimate and there's a high chance that these numbers are underestimated.”

Moving forward, Insight.ng intends to add more courses to its digital academy to empower more Nigerian youths. Its approach is to cover more ground in the simplest format and with as many details as necessary. More specifically, the digital company aims to launch a digital marketing and an advanced writing course covering SEO, ebooks, scriptwriting, and many others.

“This year, we intend to impact more people with our services and have them share their success stories,” Taiwo shared.


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