How The DStv App Is Providing The Perfect Solution To Changing Video Consumption Lifestyle


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Feb. 22, 2021, 1:22 p.m.

The video entertainment landscape is witnessing a fast-paced innovation. With the influx of streaming platforms, now more than ever, we have been feeling there should be viable and trusted entertainment platforms that give us the kind of content that we can easily relate to.

In an age where people are increasingly becoming more attached to their mobile gadgets and uninterested in lugging around their 52 inch TV, mobile video entertainment apps like the DStv App have become a perfect solution to a fast-changing lifestyle.

Ericsson ConsumerLab’s TV and Media report released in 2017 had projected that half of all video viewing would be done on a mobile screen in 2020, and half of this will be done on the smartphone alone.

The DStv App is more than just TV on the go. It gives you a unique and personalized experience whilst helping you get the most out of your DStv subscription.

After taking some time to use the app, we found there is a lot more that it offers than just keeping viewers close to their favorite shows. Let’s review some of the features and benefits we found from using the app.

The first thing worthy of note is that you can use the DStv app on up to four devices with just one subscription. That takes care of the question of the value you get from the monthly subscription fee.

Access to the DStv App comes standard with a subscription to your DStv cable. Meaning, as long as you have an active DStv subscription, you can use the app. Notwithstanding how much you subscribe to your decoder, it gives you multiple access on other devices, allowing family members to have a piece of the unlimited entertainment on DStv from anywhere – the university campus or even during a family holiday.

With the DStv app, you get to enjoy live TV such as football, reality shows, Nigerian Idol, and a host of other top-tiered events. Imagine you’re stuck in traffic while the Champions League finals or your favorite show is about to go live. The days of fretting are over; all you need to do is to whip out your mobile phone, open your DStv App and stream all the live-action so you never miss a moment.

And if you didn’t watch it live, you can watch it on-demand on Catch Up. DStv Catch Up service boasts of a great library of content from across different genres.

We understand your fear about data costs We also found another unique feature on the app that allows you to control data usage by setting it to low data. It’s basically helping you regulate your data consumption.

Another cost we all need to save on is power. With the increase in electricity tariffs, the DStv App is the streamer you need to own if you want to join the league of Nigerians cutting down power usage. And power outages also can’t stop the fun.

And for those who prefer to keep things separated and stay in their own corner of the room, this is the perfect companion to give you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

The app is an excellent alternative for DStv home decoders. Its shelves are constantly stocked with new and quality shows you can download and watch later. It’s got a pretty great user-friendly interface, too. With one subscription, an entire family can simultaneously watch different things on multiple devices. It’s just so good! – but, don’t take our word for it; try it yourself

Download here on the Play Store or here on the App Store or now.dstv.com

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