Huzaif Alhassan: The Founder Producing Traditionally Vibrant Socks In West Africa


June 29, 2022, 1:16 p.m.

Ghana is no easy playground for entrepreneurs, and it is tough for entrepreneurs to get any funding from the government or private companies. Entrepreneurs find it laborious to access resources, data, and basic mentorship support. So when an entrepreneur proves resilience and tenacity, they deserve the spotlight.

Here is a story of a founder who decided not to be defined by his background and economic frailty. Huzaif Alhassan is the founder and CEO of Afrisocks, a global e-commerce fashion start-up. Huzaif grew up in Nima, an underdeveloped community in Accra many consider a slum. He encountered many challenges growing up, such as walking hours to and fro school to have the best shot at education. “It seems like it paid off - I am the first in my family to graduate from a university.”

After weaving through all hurdles thrown at him, Huzaif now specializes in building global brands online, bridging African businesses and Western consumers. His business, Afrisocks, is an international bootstrapped e-commerce fashion business dealing in African-inspired designer socks, serving about 22,000 customers in more than 71 countries. The founder launched Afrisocks in June 2018 and has effectively built a social media presence with over 27,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.


Huzaif Alhassan (on the right)

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“As a young man growing up in Nima, I realized there were no ways to be successful except running my own business. I have assisted my sisters in selling in the market, handled a provision shop, and eventually began an uber business. My parents have always worked for people, and all I observed from their hustle was to set up my own business and attain financial freedom,” Alhassan told DT Africa about how his business began.

“ So I started selling antiques online, but the shipping cost drove me crazy, and I thought about the most accessible product I can ship with lightweight and have a cheaper shipping cost, and then I thought of socks.

“However, that decision did not sit well with people. It was hard, and I got discouraged by so many people; they said the idea would not sell, the socks were too colorful, expensive, etc. But when we launched, the socks proved very successful.”

Even after the idea proved successful, all was still not rosy for the Ghanaian founder. He encountered logistics , production, custom duties, and funding issues.

“Currently, there are no socks factories in Ghana, and I have to produce my socks from Turkey. Given that, I am working to establish the first socks factory in Ghana and all of ECOWAS, and I am already producing everything else here, including printing the fabrics. You should expect the first and only international standard socks of West Africa.”

Huzaif also owns another business that provides upcoming West African entrepreneurs with practical and results-oriented mentorship.


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