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inDrive: New Ride-Hailing Service Starts Operation in Accra


Jan. 2, 2023, 6:06 a.m.

Ghana has welcomed inDrive, a global platform for urban services and transportation. Currently, the business is active in more than 700 cities across 47 nations. The peer-to-peer pricing approach used by inDrive, in which the passenger and the driver directly negotiate the fare and other terms of the trip, sets it apart from other ridesharing services.

These agreements are binding and do not alter because of distance, inclement weather, or heavy traffic. With over 150 million downloads, the inDrive app is the second-most popular mobility app worldwide. Several African nations, including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, etc., are served by the company.

In contrast to other ride-hailing services, inDrive doesn't employ pricing algorithms and doesn't raise trip prices during busy hours.

After logging in, the user enters the A and B points of their journey and, when prompted by the app, provides the cost of the trip. The screen will display offers from available drivers.

The passenger then decides which offer, taking into account pricing, driver rating, and car model, best suits them. Passenger ratings and user reviews might help drivers decide which requests to accept. The location is always visible to drivers before they accept a ride request. The company's commitment to challenging injustices is reflected in this fair pricing policy.

During the first Accra launch, inDrive will not impose a service fee. As a result, drivers who sign up for the platform will be able to make even more money.

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Without the need to raise substantial investments, inDrive's distinctive business strategy keeps the company competitive. Peer-to-peer pricing, the lowest service cost in the world (under 10% without VAT), along with effective marketing initiatives, aid in the organic growth of brand recognition.

On inDrive

A global platform for IT and transportation is inDrive. One of the online ride-hailing firms with the quickest growth rates is inDrive. Over 700 cities in 47 nations around the world have access to its services. Over 150 million downloads of the company's app have been made. Other services provided by inDrive include intercity transportation, freight and cargo services, as well as delivery services in various operational areas.

Regional hubs are run by inDrive, which has its headquarters in Mountain View, California, and is present in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the countries of Europe.


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