Jaguar To Be Fully Electric And Carbon Neutral By 2030


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Feb. 15, 2021, 3:29 p.m.

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Thierry Bolloré, has announced the company plans to go fully electric and carbon neutral by the next decade as part of a new global strategy called “reimagine.”

According to the car company, Jaguar will be reimagined as an “all-electric luxury brand” from the year 2025, with the aim of “realizing its unique potential”.

Even those nameplates that are not fully electrified by 2030 will at least offer an all-electric option. The company will abandon the internal combustion engine for its Jaguar brand by 2025, as JLR aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2039.

To achieve these objectives, the Tata-owned British carmaker will make use of two-vehicle architectures.

Future Jaguar models will be built around an architecture called EMA (Electric Modular Architecture) which is electric biased but still able to accommodate advanced electrified internal combustion powertrains.

Land Rover vehicles will use the upcoming MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) which is a flexible platform that can also support both electrified internal combustion powertrains and all-electric variants.

Further to that, this platform strategy is aimed at improving efficiencies of scale by consolidating the number of platforms and models being produced at each plant. The company says that its current global manufacturing and assembly footprint will be retained, albeit “rightsized, repurposed and reorganized”. The company will also explore further collaborations and synergies, on clean energy, connected services, data, and software development, with its parent company Tata Group as well as other industry leaders.

Furthermore, services such as the flexible ‘Pivotal’ subscription model, which has grown by 750 percent in the last fiscal year, will be rolled out to markets outside of the UK.

“As a human-centered company, we can, and will, move much faster and with the clear purpose of not just reimagining modern luxury but defining it for two distinct brands,” Bolloré enthused.

“Brands that present emotionally unique designs, pieces of art if you like, but all with connected technologies and responsible materials that collectively set new standards in ownership. We are reimagining a new modern luxury by design.”

To that end, the company anticipates that by 2030 every Jaguar sold will be fully electric, while 60 percent of Land Rover models will have zero-tailpipe powertrains.

JLR, which employs 30,000 people in the UK, will also “substantially reduce and rationalize” its UK management. It did not reveal how many job losses were planned.

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